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In today's article, I'm going to be showing you a way that you can go ahead and get weapon XP and rank at the current moment. I hope you enjoy the new game play in MW3 Beta. To keep you up to date on all the brand new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 glitches, it means absolute world to me, so the glitch I'm going to be showing you today is very chill and is fairly new to the game as well, and I would go ahead and do it right now because it's the best way to go ahead and get weapon XP and rank XP.

If you're a person who just wants to chill, do it on your own, and if it's not stressful at all, make sure to go ahead and do this one. I will also be talking about my MW3 black sale giveaway if you want to enter that later on in the article, so make sure you watch to the end. Do you want all your guns in Modern Warfare 2 maxed out?

Maybe you want some gun attachments? Or even better, what about hard-unlocked camos? You can get yourself gold, platinum, polyatomic, and Orion, or maybe the galvanic, camo, along with the projectile, camo, or maybe you're interested in the nuk skin bundle where you can get yourself the nuk skin and all of these cool items.

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cod mw2 xp glitch

You won't regret it. Okay, so this one is in Co-op, and it is an updated method to something that was out a long time ago, and it's really good right now and worth doing. So you want to pick a weapon that you want to get weapon levels on in the loadout section that's right in the co-op missions. You can now pick weapons, and make sure you put decoy grenades in your class as well.

So that is a new method right here. You go to your loadout section, pick a gun you want to get weapon levels on, and you also are going to need Recon, tier three. It doesn't take long to get there, as you can see here. I've only got Recon Tier 1, so what I did was go ahead and get my friend to help me with this.

You're going to need a friend to help you with this as well, because you do need two people to do this mission, but trust me, honestly, it's worth it, and it's just a chill experience with your friend. You can find anyone to help you with this in there, and it's really useful as well. I'm also doing the black giveaway there.

modern warfare 2 glitch

But anyway, what you want to do is go ahead and do it. Once you've played the mission through, you will get recon. Tier 3: Once you've played it through once or twice, you need to get yourself at least two or three stars. I can't tell you how much it costs to go ahead and unlock the Tier 3 Recon.

Once you have done it, you want to start up the mission again with your friend to clear out the enemies in the first zone. Once you have cleared them out, your friend can now go ahead and leave, and now this is the chill part. He just went poof and disappeared like a magic trick. It was kind of weird, but anyway.

Once he has gone, you can go ahead and do this on your own. Now you want to pick your load out from the load-out stash, which is at the place where all the enemies are. Once you've cleared them out and once you've got your weapon that you want to level up, you can now go ahead and kill yourself and start the mission over again on your own once you have done all that.

modern warfare 2 glitches

You are now ready to do this glitch, and it is completely set up. It has been worth it, so don't worry. This is now the chill part, where you can do it solo on your own and you don't need anyone to help you. So what you're going to be doing here basically is going to be putting the sentry guns down that you get, so that's why we need Tier 3 because it unlocks essential guns, and you will spawn with them every time you restart the mission, and you also spawn with your class.

Set up your loadout every time you restart the mission as well, so what you want to do is, when you go in at the start of the mission, you want to go ahead and put the sentry gun down and throw the decoys down as well, and that will get the enemies to go over to the sentry gun, and you will go ahead and get weapon XP.

modern warfare 2 weapon xp

Now the cental gun is just going to shoot away and get you kills and weapon XP for any weapon you're holding within your hand, and it will go ahead and rank you up once you're done and not getting any more kills. Just run inside and get killed by that rocket, and do it over and over again. Now, as you can see, I think that this is worth doing.

It's nice and chill, and you can do it on your own; you don't have much responsibility to do it. You can go AFK for a long time and come back and still be on the mission, and you can keep leveling up your weapons over and over again. Because you can choose your loadouts, you can bring any gun you want into the game with you, and every time you're in the mission on your own, you can just go ahead and switch the weapon and do it with that weapon, and you can get, like all your guns.

Max rank. In the one game, literally, you can just take hours to do this and just do it all the time, and you'll get ranked by doing this as well, not just weapon XP, and I recommend doing it right now. It's nice and chill once you're finished and have all the guns Max ranks that you want. Simply go ahead and kill yourself and end the mission.

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