News - Best "new" Intervention Class Setup Warzone 2 (best Fjx Imperium Class)

Fjx imperium

Fjx imperium

Honestly, I was not expecting to go as crazy as I did with this sniper. I feel like it will be the main sniper for SMD and Respawn. I feel like it's better than the SPX. Maybe it's just at its recent peak and I'm just a little too hyped up about it, but I seriously do love this sniper. Let's get right into the class setup.

Here's the classic right here. I'll start with the BLK LZR 7MW.

Vlk lzr 7mw

What this does is give you aim down side speed, aiming stability, and sprint to fire speed, so basically, you want this to have the most aimed on-site speed and sprint to fire speed. Here's the tune right here for it: sprint to fire speed all the way, aim.

So, I use SPX 6.6. So that's one in this article. Other very popular ones you guys should try out are the Lockman Impact Nine, Luca Bandera, and the HMW 20 Optics; those are the most popular ones, obviously. Do what you like. I like to SPS ad scope, and here's the tune for it: aim down side speed all the way and far all the way moving.


One thing I have that's different than a lot of people I've been seeing on Twitter is that I have a stock instead of a rear drip; it's just personal preference. I like the way the gun feels in my hands when I use it, so we have the FJ ads kilo tab for Sprint to fire speed, aimed on site speed, Sprint speed, and crouch movement speed.

If you take this off and you have the rear drip, you don't get the Sprint speed or Crouch movement speed, so that's why I just threw this on, and then I go in here and tune it all the way for Sprint to Fire screen and outside speed, which just gives you more pause. There's a negative that says, Yeah, you're still getting the negative recoil and flinch resistance, but you did that with the rear drip, so with this, you still get the sprint speed and price movement speed.

If you want to be as fast and viable as you can, I play aggressively, so I use this soft personal preference. Try it out, see what you like, and last but not least, Actually, second last but not least, one of the most important attachments, if not the most important. I'd say this is the most important attachment the FJ adds.

There is no tuning for this; it's just re-chambering speed, so after you shoot a bullet, it catches another bullet and makes you shoot faster or be able to shoot faster. Sorry, that's the most important thing for any sniper. You always want to have a bolt on that makes it faster, and moving on.

Field-wrapped handle

Field-wrapped handle

I have the field-wrapped handle that gives you charge movement speed and aim down side speed negative Sprint speed, but because we're winning the stock, we get the Sprint speed bad, so it doesn't even matter here. The tune for it is sprint speed all the way, aiming for ideal stability. So aiming for ideal stability is when you're in the scope; it doesn't sway Sprint, and speed is obviously self-explanatory.

Pull up the pistol and just blast them. Don't use whatever bass list you have; I normally have attachments for it, so I just use the I just use the one from the store right here, stem, shot.

Throwing knife

Throwing knives for the parts we have double time bombs, start fast. Sands and a quick-fit twitch fit to get back in the action quick; it regenerates your health faster with fast hands, Swap faster bomb squads for resistance, bombs, and stuff double.

best new intervention class setup in mw2 best fjx imperium class

It's time to run faster and in dead silence. You know, it changes into whatever you want. If I don't run out, I use portable radar. Man, I will be making a range-play class setup with this gun. As you guys know, I am a big ranting guy sniping at range. But anyway, boys, have a good one

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