News - All Buffs And Nerfs" Season 2 1. 38 Patch Notes. Warzone 2 Weapon Updates

1.38 patch notes

To get this article out as quick as possible. I've literally just run home from university and jumped straight onto my setup to record this article for you guys, so please do drop a like and subscribe if you find this article useful. But anyway, we've got all the Buffs and Nerfs in the new season coming up, so here we go first.

Decrease the melee Lun distance of all Modern Warfare 3 weapons to align with Modern Warfare 2 weapons; increase the movement speed of all MW2 weapons to meet MW3 standards; and add kickback control and recall control benefits to tactical stances for all different weapons. It sounds good to assault rifle the Hogga 5556, Increased aim-down sight: MCW increased aim-down sight time and increased sprint to fire.

Now onto the battle rifle, the Bas B increased sprint to fire time, increased down sight time, and increased hit fire spread from 2.3 to 2.9. The side winder increased bullet velocity and increased recall and gun kick significantly. Side note: there could be a gun to look out for, to be fair. That does sound pretty exciting.

modern warfare

I have used it on Hardcore, and I do like it. The TAC V increased maximum damage and increased the near-medium damage range from 43.48.3 to 55.9. The increased SMGs for the striker we've basically got and the increased near-medium damage range sound pretty good. The AMR has added the missing hit fire crossair and the WSP 9 DEC in aim-down sight time, which is crazy.

With an increased maximum damage range and an increased near-medium damage range, the WS9 could be something for the C shotguns. The Lockwood increased, and Sprint to Fire time was obviously going to be overpowered on Hardcore and the KV broadside. decreased sprint-to-fire time and decreased aim-down sight time again.

There are two really, really good buffs for those weapon lmgs. The tack increased Sprint to fire time, increased a down sight time of the RA mg with the case Sprint to fire time, and decreased a down sight time of the 556. Decreased sprint to fire time and RPK, decreased down time, are all very similar.


Buffs and obviously all Nerfs are very slight, though Maxman rifles the MCW. 6.8 decreased aim down sight time decreased, all damage ranges decreased bullet velocity, decreased hit fire spread, and decreased hit fire spread maximum, so that's been nerfed massively, and the DM 56 decreased near-medium damage and decreased minimum damage only slightly, though from 39 to 38, the interceptor increased spr to fire time, increased a down sight time, and decreased NE damage on multiplayer.

And for the spr, decreased maximum damage range and increased upper arm damage, which is very strange sniper, is the longb it's got. Decreased a down sight time, not looking forward to that signal. Decreased maximum damage range, and the SPX 80 increased a down sight time, which is always useful for snipers, but again, it's only a very slight F onto the hand guns.

The result is a 50% decrease in movement speed penalties. On the Jag kit and the Basilisk from MW2, you can see all of them have an increased medium damage range. increased medium damage range, Increase far-medium damage and lower torso damage on multiplayer from 1 to 1.2 once the launcher launches the storm.

mw3 1.38 update

Winder addressed an issue preventing some kill streaks from being destroyed and all disabled, and then for the melee weapons, the knives are pretty much all the same, reducing melee distance by 30%. This is not ideal if you are trying to use these because, as we know, they can be really hard to use, as it is never mind with extra stuff.

Now that they've got the medical box, it takes less time to employ the same with the ammunition box. The ACs and objectives can no longer be captured from further vertical distances than intended. The tactical camera resolves an exploit that allows players to see through the environment when using certain equipment, and the deployable cover addresses an exploit that allows players to become visible.

That's basically it for today's article. That's everything everything that's been buffed. Everything that's been nerfed. Hopefully, you found this useful.

Todays video explains all the weapon upgrades and downgrades that will be happening in the 1. 8 patch notes of Season 2 of Modern Warfare 3! Hopefully you found this video useful.
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