News - 3 Easy/quick Gulag Tips That Pros Use Warzone

If you're watching this article right now, you probably stink at goog fights in the war zone, but that is okay because I have three tips for you, starting from the most important and going down to the least important, that will exponentially help your win rate and create more wins for you in the war zone.

Let's start with the first tip. Right now, let's go. So you don't want to go too fast when you're making it a 50/50 like this. This is a perfect clip to use because, as you can see, I'm just looking at one side of the map and I'm not gaining any knowledge about anything else. This will soon come to me because I don't know where my opponent is, and he knows.

R, now that we're done with tip number one, we're going to go on to tip number two, which is playing for chip damage. Look for quick angles off the bat where your opponent doesn't know where you are, hit them a little bit, and then relocate before they know where you are again. The big thing with this is doing damage to the plates because in the goog there are no extra plates, so do some damage to that and don't let them hit you.

I personally count an even trade as a bad trade, that is, when you shoot them the same as they hit you. I don't like this because once you're both low HP, the time to kill is quicker, and it makes it more difficult to see each other first and not have as much skill in outplaying your opponent. Let me show you a perfect example of this.

Even though I know that clearly was not the best clip that I could have gotten, it just showed a solid example of getting those shots around the corner and moving and getting more. I don't know why I tried to throw a C4 during it, and then I ran out of bullets, so it was really sketchy, but I did get that chip damage, and I won the fight in general pretty easily, but now I actually have a second clip for you where I take a lot of damage in the beginning, but then I get a solid fire back and really just outplay the chip damage even when I'm.

And finally, last but not least, tip number three: knowing the map. Map knowledge is important in any game that you play, but especially in Google when it's one-on-one. Knowing the map better than your opponent allows for outplay potential. This will also allow you to play faster and smoother and will create a way for you to win fights that you really should not win.

This clip right here is a perfect example. I should not win this fight, but because I know the mat better than the guy, it allows me to outplay him and get quick. Redeploy, Now that I know this article wasn't that long, I wanted to keep it real short and filled with information so you didn't have to watch a long article boring just to get a few tips.

I really do appreciate you guys watching. Have a blessed day.

These are just a few tips that can instantly up your Win rate in gulag fights. Let me know if you have any questions or need help with any MW3 related things.
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