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If you're looking for an AR to match or even beat the TAC 56 in Modern Warfare 2 rank play, then look no further than the cast of 762.

Why don't players use the kastov 762?

The cast of 762 is one of those gentleman's agreements. You'll likely have some enemies who get pretty annoyed at you for using the 762 and breaking gas, but the gun isn't formally banned in ranked play, so just take the abuse that people are going to throw at you on the enemy team and have fun winning some games.

Kastov 762 damage is insane!

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I've put together a typical meta, Build for the Attack 56, that we're going to be comparing, and our cast of 762 builds today too, consistently throughout. I've chucked in the 762 now alongside the attack 56 so we can start comparing the stats, and we're going to begin by comparing the damage values before we even touch any of the attachments on the 762; we can do this because no attachments in this game change the fire rate and therefore the overall damage, and there are no attachments that change the actual damage per bullet; all we can do is change the damage range.

IE., at what range does it go from being a three-shot kill to a four-shot kill initially? Just for the upper torso, there are all these different places on the bottom you can hit, which all have different damage profiles per gun. You've got the upper and lower torsos, the extremities (the arms and the legs), and then you've also got the neck and the head, so yeah, if you're purely landing upper torso shots the whole game, the TAC 56 is probably going to feel a bit better than the cast, but as soon as we start moving to other parts of the body like the lower torso, which are going to be hitting a decent amount of the time, well, now the cast is winning all the way out to 28 meters, so basically that close to mid-range Castov is absolutely beating down attack 56.

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In the extremities, you are going to be hitting some arms. You can start seeing the cast of an absolute melting machine. It kills twice as quickly as the attack 56 if you're able to land those headshots. In fact, it is a two-bullet kill if both bullets hit the head. Sim GG actually offers this kill probability area where you can input the percentage chance that you're going to hit different areas of the body, and you can see here even when I've set it up to the point where you're hitting, you know, mostly.

Was the kastov 762 nerfed in season 2?

Was the kastov 762 nerfed in season 2?

Now there were some nerfs to the 762 that came within season two as well as a hotfix that came about a week later, but they're pretty vaguely described inside of the patch notes here. You can see with the Season Two update that the 762 had a small damage reduction and an additional long range damage fall off now and then in that hotfix it simply said that its damage ranges were reduced.

As you can see from the statistics gathered, here there is this additional damage drop-off that's been added post-patch that didn't exist pre-patch, but the key thing here is that the damage reduction, as it says in the patch notes, is only actually applied to the furthest. Damage ranges are not applied to these earlier close-to-mid-range damage ranges, and the actual result of that, as you can see from his findings here, is that up to 50 to 55 meters, which is pretty much the longest fight you're going to be having on a 6v6 ranked play map in Modern Warfare 2.

Best kastov 762 build for mw2 ranked play

Best kastov 762 build for mw2 ranked play

There's no difference between this gun pre-season 2 and post season 2, so now that we know for certain that the cast of 762 is a damage machine, let's start tracking on some attachments. This just pushes that muzzle velocity up to a very comfortable 850 meters per second. Once you start hitting a minimum of around 700 to 750, you're getting pretty much hit-scan feeling bullets, i.e., bullets that feel like they hit the enemy as soon as you click your mouse or as soon as you pull your trigger.

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Now The cast of 762 does kick a bit more than the attack 56, so we need to put something on this to curb that recoil as much as possible. You could go for a barrel here; I did play around with these barrels, but the actual recoil benefits are not that great, and they just tend to make the gun feel a lot slower in terms of handling and movement.

best kastov 762 build

You could however go for an underbarrel. None of these really help out that much in terms of pure recoil control; instead, what I'd recommend you do is Chuck on a muzzle; specifically, I've been liking this SA level of 55. It does hurt your ads time a bit, but we're going to be helping out with that with some other attachments later on.

The main thing is that it helps out heavily with horizontal, view kick, and gun kick as well as a bit of vertical as well, which is nice, but vertical, we can counter just by pulling the stick down a little bit as we shoot or pulling the mouse down as we shoot if you're on keyboard or mouse, but the horizontal kit can actually go in both left and right directions, so it's a much more important stat to curb with it being much more random and harder to control.

best kastov 762 class

Next, I'd recommend you move over to the rear grip and put on the true tack grip. The time buff this gives is kind of a minimum, but the sprint to fire time and tactical sprint fire you, I really, really feel in this gun, as I've said before inside rank play. Yes, this is an AR, but you still need your ARS to be fairly mobile if you're the one who needs to push onto a control point if you're the one who needs to push onto a hardpoint at that last second and challenge enemies at close range.

That Sprint Fire time is going to be a really nice addition. The next attachment you're going to put on is a stock; however, it's not listed on Sim GG, and that's because it's actually a stock that got added inside of Season 2. The stock I'm talking about is the Broadside FCT, and you can see here that this gives buffs to Sprint speed ads, which are the mobility stats we really want to get out of our stock, but also gives buffs to aiming stability.

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I was baffled when I saw this as an attachment because we've essentially got improved recall. I know it says we lose recall control, but hip aiming stability is a massive part of recoil inside of Modern Warfare 2, so we're getting recoil buffs and mobility buffs inside of a single attachment. This is honestly too good to be true, so you definitely need to be running this now.

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As I said. I cannot put that stock on the gun and show the stats for it inside of a Sim GG at the moment, but you can see here that without the stock and without that additional speedy ad time, the cast of 762 is only just behind the TAC 56 in terms of that handling and that speedy ad time when we put on that additional stock.

The TAQ-56 is NOT the Best Gun for MW2 Ranked Play! That crown belongs to the Kastov 762, which has higher damage, with just as good handling ADS speed when using the Best Kastov 762 Build for MW2 Ranked Play. Today I'll run you through the best Kastov 762 attachments to dominate in MW2 Ranked Play and get some easy SR.
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