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Ladies, And gentlemen, hey. I get asked a lot about a lot is obviously, the war zone meta in general after every update. I'll always have you guys covered updating our meta tier lists and going through the new best loadouts for various different niches. Whether it's a general top 10, whether it is a Resurgence-based close-range meta, a long-range meta, you name it here in War Obviously, loadouts are particularly complex.

Because of the tuning system as opposed to years past, we also have a more fluid meta than you know in recent memory, with the weapon updates happening pretty consistently, now a couple times every single season, so I get asked a lot. Zach, could you make a meta loadout for every gun in the game? That way.

I have something to refer back to, and the problem with doing that outright in a article is that it'd be like a 45-minute article of me saying. Tune for damage range, tune for velocity, use this compensator, use this suppressor, use this optic, use this optic, use this optic, use this optic, for 45 minutes straight, right?

best loadout for every weapon

Yes, the tacv is good for this, that, and this. I like to pair it with the iso for this, that, and this, or whatever other combination, you know, is in the meta at any given time. Loadout app Wars, on Loadout, and the Cod Community sort of like account basically, is one that's been very active on Twitter, or X as it's known now, for a while, and they've got the Cod Community actual site now that is super up-to-date and really convenient alongside the mobile app that you can get on the app store or the Google Play Store.

This isn't an ad; this isn't like any paid thing whatsoever. You can go and explore creators. You can look at your own profile file if you want to create one. You can create your own meta loadouts to share with others, but on this basic home page, you'll see there are various creators that are listed here.

You know you'll recognize plenty of them. Isaac, T-Dog, and a bunch of other creators like myself cover these sorts of things, but you'll notice that yes, I'm on this list. I'll be able to basically go through and create a new loadout for all those guns that can build my weapon. You guys see me rocking the ga frames.

best loadouts

These are the ultimate game-changers. If you're looking at screens for long periods of time whether it is gaming whether it's gaming, working, or school, it doesn't matter; these are going to reduce your headaches and your eye strain. They've got so many different frame options, depending on what styles you might like.

They've got prescription or regular lenses. You can throw in Kodi Immortal at checkout to get a nice little discount on your entire order. You can even check out my custom Immortal bundle, which comes with a few custom accessories. Let's say I could go in here and just straight up change this up and say no.

The Meta becomes the Castovia DX90, or like the bore 490. I've got every single weapon listed here pistols. Snipers, marksmen, rifles—you name it—it's all going to be updated on this site, and as we see meta changes introduced by buffs and nerfs. I'll be going through and actually changing these loadouts as needed, and you can even go more towards your play style now.


I've got my solid SMG and AR hybrid Chimera set up here. I've got the pistols that are obviously only going to be used with close-range shotguns that are only close-range-based, like, for instance, the P90. If you want to use this, you've got your setup available right away, which is nice and convenient.

If you want to look for, you know, long-range stuff, we've got all the options available there as well. I've got a couple listed under versatile ones that you could use as like full lot over semi-auto in the instance of, like, the SO14 Tempest, torrent, you know, various things like that, the Lochman 762 that we've talked about a lot.

I've got you covered here, so this is probably the most helpful tool that I've integrated into the channel. Over on Twitter, we'll be posting some of these from time to time as well, but that being said, it's going to wrap things up for this one. Yes, this is the single best loadout in all of Warzone right now.

Head on over here. Click on whatever gun you want, and I've got you covered. Peace,

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