News - Warzone Mobile: Season 3 Update New #1 Meta Smg


Your so before I show you the build, what makes this the most underrated SMG is that it does 52 damage per head shot. The first one doesn't have an optic on it, so we're going stock. No stock, just we want ads, time movement speed—that's pretty much what you build SMGs for. For the ammunition. I do 9 mm hollow point rounds, and you can go ahead and just put on the high ground rounds, and they give an extra like 6 ft of range before the damage drops off, but I like being able to just shoot a bunch of opponents at the same time and they all lose like a bunch of movement, so 9mm hollow point magazine, 50 round mag Obviously, it's a SMG 50-round underbell with a Dr.

6 hand stop. If you don't have that, you can go and throw the edge bw4. Now I debated using this over the hand stop, but just after looking up the stats, if you have the DR6 hand stop, put it on, and for the muzzle, it's the Z 35 compensator. Just because it goes on every single gun, it's currently the best muzzle.

Nothing's beating it right now, so just go and toss this on. That's build number one. Go ahead and check out gameplay number one, and then I'll show you the second build.

Game 1

Game 1

So building two isn't that different. The only change here is that we're taking off the ammunition and adding one of the three optics, so the slate reflector is perfect and will work if this is one you like the most put this one on.

If you'd rather use the MK3 reflector absolutely, this is also one of the ones that I like to use as well, or the Nidar model 2023. This is the one that I've primarily been using just because I feel like it's the cleanest one. Just something about it feels like the cleanest optic to use, especially when you're going for nothing but head shots because you want to hit those 52 head shots.

The 52 headshot damage is what carries this weapon and makes it, I think, tier, in my opinion, but other than that, throw on one of these builds and you'll be locked in, boys.

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