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This is the best movement guide for phone players in War Zone Mobile. All right, so real quick, before we get to the movement, we have to talk about the HUD. If your HUD is set up incorrectly, you won't be able to do about half of these movements, so open your Hut and make sure the fire button is on the opposite side of all your movement buttons.

You want to be able to fire and do all these movements at the same time; otherwise, it's kind of pointless, so get that set up.


And , then check out the movement. Now these next two are really important for movement. The tack jump is actually incredible and really easy to do. All you have to do is fully run, fully press up on the joystick, hit the tack sprint button, and immediately tap jump afterwards, and you get a huge distance boost that lets you start shooting midair.


It is absolutely incredible. And this one is Tac Dolphin Dives. Sprint forward, hit the tack sprint button, and immediately after the dolphin dive, jump shot. If your Hut is set up right, this is the easiest one to do. It's very simple: wherever you're headed, if you're sliding and running forward, jump and shoot your gun at the same time, and keep pushing forward.

Keep pushing to the side, whichever direction you were initially heading, and keep jumping in that direction. The next one I want to talk about is prone shooting. If your Hut is set up with split buttons, all you have to do is tap the prone button, and it will automatically lay down. If you don't have them swapped, you just have to hold down that prone button, and it will lay down, and you have to keep firing at the same time.

The only thing I'll say with this one because it's super simple is to never do it if there are multiple targets in front of you, and for everyone's favorite movement, slide cancel. This is super easy to do. All you actually have to do is tap the slide button and then either tap jump or prone to cancel it, and then just start jumping or either prone out of it.

Okay, this is actually everyone's favorite movement in tech; it's just 180s. Now you can YY during it, but YY is not a movement technique. If you don't know what YY means, it just means swapping your weapons really fast, and all that really is sauce. You can use it to cancel weapon animations, like when you pick one up or when you're reloading.

But primarily, we're just doing it for sauce. The actual movement here is just 180s, and the whole point of it is to make your opponent miss as many bullets as possible and hopefully catch them on a reload or a weapon swap, but you do not have to. I promise all you're doing is doing 180s and 360s and just random movements, hopefully making your opponent miss.

This takes a lot of practice, but if you guys made it to this part of the article, drop a like. I hope you enjoyed it and learned something.

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