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It's kind of a strange scenario this season, but in this one we're breaking it all down for you in regards to the weapons we know of as well as what's hinted at for the near future. Subscribing instead, of course, to all things Modern Warfare 2 Zone 2 and all things season 3 here as we gear up to the launch coming later this upcoming week and finally check out my friends over at G Feel for 30 off certain items like tubs of hype sauce and star fruit, two of my personal favorites, here in the month of April, but that said, let's jump into it.

So firstly, let's jump into the weapon and see where we can expect to see it in the battle pass. As always, we have two weapons in the battle pass given. Free across the board, the board is simply accessible via playtime and unlocks progressively. Throughout the season, nothing really new happens, but we see the weapons of the FJX, Imperium, and cronins, Wall.

The fjx imperium in modern warfare 2 season 3

The fjx imperium in modern warfare 2 season 3

Starting with the FJX Imperium, the icon is reimagined. Here, what was the intervention is now going to be returning as the fgx Imperium. In the blog post, there's not really a ton that's detailed about this, but it's state-engineered destruction at its finest, this anti-personnel.

A bolt-action sniper rifle intervenes in 10 situations with hard-hitting 408 rounds. Not gonna lie. I like the slight pun put in there by the intervening, but we do know a bit more from the previews from Call of Duty socials and Face Dirt's gameplay that it's going to be its own stand-alone platform of the fgx Imperium; it's going to have all the bells and whistles attachment-wise, including a new category of carry handle; it's going to have 27 weapon levels; and with those new camos to come along with all that, some even seemingly resembling Spectrum and other takes on Tiger Camos I'm curious to see how that all works out, but perhaps the biggest thing, which is entirely inconsequential to the gameplay, is that it does not sound like the classic from Modern Warfare 2.

As we discussed, that's simply due to the audio engine's evolution over the years and a push for realism in that sense, but I still would love to see if, maybe when you max out the weapon, you have the ability to have a sound conversion in the settings or something. Don't sell me that, please. I don't want to have to buy that.

But just like the hit markers, it'd be cool if you could end up changing that in the game sounds on the side of the player and their settings. I think that'd be a really cool thing to do here to please some of the classics.

The cronen squall in modern warfare 2 season 3

The cronen squall in modern warfare 2 season 3

Nostalgia: then we have the Cronin Squall, which is a battle rifle that again has minimal details about it. Admittedly, the blog and reveals of the weapons for this season were pretty underwhelming in regards to the details and useful information, but it is stated that it's a Bullpup semi-automatic rifle chambered in 6.8 wrap and designed for distance shooting and exceptional damage output.

Now, the right ammunition was strangely seen on the FJX Imperial's Creator class at first, but it seems like that may have just been a mix-up with a semi-auto battle rifle. I'm curious to see how this all plays out given that we have the F-Tac Recon and we just got the Tempest torrent. Yes. I know that's a marksman rifle, but with so many semi-autos.

I'm curious to see how it will fit and if it creates any sort of overlapping, feeling the effectiveness of each individual weapon, or if each of those ends up having their own personal unique field that they don't feel like the same weapon.

The season 3 battle pass weapon unlocks in modern warfare 2 season 3

Both of these will be available in the Battle Pass, and unlike prior games, Wars has a simple linear path to progression at tiers 15 and 31.

The battle map system now allows for a sort of Choose Your Own Adventure type of unlock path where you can get the FGX first if you want, or you can get the Kronos Squall first and go directly to the other, which I believe is a bit faster than the comparable tier. 31 of years past, but I'd have to double check on that one, but in terms of timing, it's all subjective on when you end up earning it, though most of the time if you hit the battle pass bundle, now with the black cell bundle, you'll be able to get one of those immediately, with those 20 tier skips that come along with it.

However, be aware that you'll have the option now with season three for the battle pass to auto-chart a path to completion for you if you don't want to go in and manually do it yourself.

The two "mystery" weapons in modern warfare 2 season 3

The two "mystery" weapons in modern warfare 2 season 3

Though beyond that, there's no mention of anything further; at the season launch, there were no melees, no events unlocked like the Path of the Ronin part 1 crossbow reward, nothing like that, but in season, it gets kind of interesting because we do have additional items listed in the blog post.

Armaments, in season, stating to expect two new sidearms within season three reloaded, both fully automatic with drastically different roles.

The tec-9 in modern warfare 2 season 3

The first, however, is described as a highly customizable machine pistol with a fast fire rate that's linked to the road map here in the silhouette that we see, likely being the Tech Nine.

The only other time we've seen that in COD was in the Cold War, where it was categorized as a submachine gun, so if it packs the same kind of punch here. I'm curious to see how that will shake up in terms of the meta pistol use for that classification, because if you end up having something that could theoretically be rivaling, an SMG, but it doesn't take an overkill of any kind, that'll be interesting to.

The suspected secondary pistol in modern warfare 2 season 3

The suspected secondary pistol in modern warfare 2 season 3

See how that all plays out. The final noted weapon is one that doesn't have any additional clues beyond what it says for a high-caliber pistol modified for full auto to blast enemies, which could be a previously leaked staccato 2011 or a more modernized modular 1911 by comparison, but we just don't have anything definitive or concrete to point one way or the other.

Yet it was something that was found in the game file, so it is very possible, but again, until we see a little bit more, just err on the side of caution.

Are these the only weapons in modern warfare 2 season 3?

However, the question that I have here with four weapons is: will we see any more than just these two primaries in two secondary schools? In the trailer, for a hair of a second, like just a few frames, the PKM did appear, so will that be coming?

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