News - Warzone 2: The Season 5 Reloaded Update Changed These 53 Things. Warzone 2 Update 1. 24

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So season 5 is here, and in this one, we're already breaking down the changes that you need to know on a fundamental level.

A recap of new content items in modern warfare 2 season 5 reloaded

A recap of new content items in modern warfare 2 season 5 reloaded

Modern Warfare 3 and things like X Defiance still upcoming as well I'd love to have in the community and keep you informed with all you need to know and finally check out my friends over at gfuel for 30% off certain items in the month of August with code espresso but more on that a little later for now let's jump into the Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 Rel loaded changes so for reference again yes of course we do have those bigger items a new multiplayer map of DRC Zone one a new war zone map change where Observatory, is blown up from the event Fort Resurgence, that new Resurgence, experience that is the albra Fortress surrounding areas, the new modes new weapons new camo challenges and so on but again let's talk about the changes here that actually are affecting gameplay not necessarily the content that we've gone over a couple of times, let's start out with weapon tuning because surprisingly there's Modern Warfare 2 specific tuning.

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For the first time in a long time (I want to say at least two seasons), a decent number of weapons were actually adjusted for Modern Warfare 2.

Modern warfare 2 specific weapon tuning in season 5 reloaded

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Then we also saw some war zone specific changes so we'll go on into those in just a little bit before the Modern Warfare 2 specific tuning, we saw things like the ftac siege that had an increased close to Mid damage range the iso 45 had an increased damage range the lockman sub had a reduced close distance damage the F4 advancer had an increased damage range as well as a reduced hip spread that reduced hip spread going across the board as well though so not only modare 2 for that one part there's a couple of things here that are crossover, but not a whole ton they segmented it pretty well beyond that we saw the Tempest Razer back that increased the damage range in Modern Warfare 2 only the M16, saw an increased close to Mid damage distance damage range the COV 74u, saw a reduction in the damage range the iso Hemlock saw reduction in the mid to far distance damage range the TAC V saw an increased to the damage range the Cronin Squall as well increased the damage range same with the so4.

Same with the Lochman 762; increases to those damage ranges The Lockwood 300 saw a reduction in the mid-distance damage range, as did the slug and H slug attachments, which saw an increase in the damage range as well as an increase in the long-range damage amount. You'll see that kind of replication in the next two weapons that were adjusted: the Bryson 890 and the Bryson 800.

The Bryson 890 saw a reduction in the damage range, but the slugs and H slug attachments saw an increase in that damage range. The Bryson 800 saw a slightly reduced mid-distance damage range, and these slugs and H slugs saw increased damage ranges as well as increased long-range damage amounts. The Sab saw an increase in the ads speed, movement speed, and damage range, while the Lockwood Mark I saw an increase in the ads speed and move speed.


The SPRS 208 saw an increase in the long-distance damage range. Saw a reduction in the damage range, the HCR 56 saw an increase in the mid-distance damage range, and the Rap H as well saw an increase in the mid-distance damage range. The snipers, the Carck 300, saw an increase in close-range damage, upper arm location damage, and long-distance damage range, and additionally increased the HP transition speed, hit movement speed, and sprint speed.

The fgx Imperium saw an increase in HP transition speed, hit movement speed, and a small reduction in hip fire spread. The signal 50 saw a reduction in the close distance damage range and the SPX 80 saw a reduction in the damage range for Modern Warfare 2 only so that's your Modern Warfare 2 Centric changes again a couple of those things also carried over to the global changes as well but for the most part, that is the first weapon tuning that we've seen from Modern Warfare 2 in again a long time can't tell you off the top of my head how long it's been but I do truly want to say it's been at least two seasons because that's been something that we've talked about and kind of harped on the last two seasons that, well Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer, didn't really get a whole ton of attention, not necessarily just not even in content but also in any adjustments that fine-tune, things so interesting to see all these weapon changes and now might be getting them ready for carryover into.

Modern Warfare 3 may test some more base tuning, but we'll see how that all works out. But those were the Modern Warfare 2 changes for war zones only; they mentioned that the focus was on introducing further viability into long-range engagement spaces, so bear that in mind; you're going to see a lot of stuff to damage.

Warzone weapon tuning in modern warfare 2 season 5 reloaded

Warzone weapon tuning in modern warfare 2 season 5 reloaded

Damage ranges and other things like that were adjusted here with this : the Chimera starting out the assault rifles saw a close damage increase, a far damage increase, a head damage multiplier increase, and a lower torso damage multiplier increase. A very good change on paper might make this one of the strongest sniper support weapons coming out of this, but we'll have to see how it all plays out on paper and how it actually feels, which can sometimes be two very different things.

The F advancer saw a close damage increase and a far damage increase, and the iso Hemlock saw a close to mid damage range reduction. On paper again, it got absolutely eviscerated. We saw a decrease in the head damage multiplier, the neck damage multiplier, the upper torso damage multiplier, the lower torso damage multiplier, and the limb damage multipliers.

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So while the base Weaponry damage statistics haven't been adjusted, basically anywhere you hit on the body it's going to do less damage just because of those multipliers in a practical sense so again on paper eviscerated, if it is something that we see this actually adjusted, in feel and how it plays in game we'll have to wait and see we saw that all launchers have now had their damage against players decreased, that being something that previously was one shot killing players and in ranked we'll talk about those have for the most part been taking out the rpk saw close to Mid damage decrease a close damage range decrease and a headshot damage multiplier increase kind of interesting cuz it kind of feels like they're reeling back the changes they made with season 5's update kind of giving life to the rpk once again but now killing it a little further the Saka mg38, saw a neck damage multiplier decrease upper torso damage multiplier decrease and a limb damage multiplier decrease, the Lockwood Mark 2 all locational damage multipliers were increased as well the Bryson 800 and Bryson 890 both saw lower limb damage multipliers increased.

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