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You already have some of those legendary items in Modern Warfare 3: Zombie. If you play a lot of zombies, you'll quickly run out of supplies. There's a glitch in the game that many players are using to duplicate their items. In this article, I will show you the method that works for me. Every time, we have to set up the glitch before loading into solo gameplay.

Fill your large backpack with the items you want to duplicate. For this glitch to work, we need a Tombstone Soda buff to get that. You have a few options. Either bring one from your stash if you have it or complete a contract in the game to get the $2,000 needed to buy the buffing game. For this article, I completed a cargo delivery contract.

Once you've completed the contract, head to a tombstone soda machine and buy the buff. After that, select a place where you'll die with Tombstone active. For me, the best spot is on top of this crane. It's easy to come back to this point in the next part of the glitch, and you can quickly Glide to Mission XIT bills, which will need going, Game, now comes the second part of the glitch.

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Load into a solo game again, and once inside, head to your tombstone, which will be marked on the map. Once there, make sure you collect every item from your tombstone. Typically, I use an ether knife at this point to easily deal with the zombies in the yellow. Zone, the next step is to select the closest xfill mission on the map, call for the xfill, and board the helicopter.

While in the helicopter, you need to quit the game on PC. Do this using Al F4; you have to time it right. I do it just as the screen goes black. This will close your game, and you'll have to restart. Once you're in the game again, you'll see all the items in your backpack. To keep everything, start replacing items in your backpack with items from your reward stash, then just hit remove.

This way, the reward stash items will go back to the reward stash, and other items will go to your regular stash. From this point, you can load into the game and repeat the previous steps as many times as you want. As you can see, when I forced myself to close the game, I kept the Ether knife, so the next time I load the game, I'll already have

MW3 Solo Tombstone duplication glitch. Works after latest patch! AI generated.
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