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We're going to be taking a look at some pretty interesting news leaks. Um, as of the time recording this article, it is January 7th, so season two is set to debut here on February 1st around 10 a.m. MST (Pacific Standard Time), 1 p.m. EDT (Eastern Standard Time), and 6 p.m. GMT so that's just the standard time when they normally debut all the different seasons around the world, but it's going to be here in just under a month or so, and there's just like a ton of stuff that's going to happen, and I'm really, really hoping that this is the season that we all need to fix the game for quality of life fixes, updates, and you know, and so on and so forth, but jumping into some of the real nitty-gritty.

We have some new weapons that have been leaked; they're going to be coming in season two, which is something I'm a pretty big fan of. I like to be able to have new weapons, and weapons are some of the things I personally look forward to the most here when it comes to a new season. It says the crossbows appeared in several recent Call of Duty titles; I think that went all the way back to Black Ops 1 as when it first actually appeared, but it was usable in the campaign, so it's all there.

Rival will be no great surprise, and the semi-automatic. VEPR 12, has been theorized because private matches briefly showed the unreleased shotgun muzzles and one of them directly matched to the VEPER 12. Shoot House was released into the game earlier than it should have been. It was live on the servers about 12 hours before the actual update, so around midnight or so, you know, central time.

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I was able to hop on shoot, house, and private matches, and I was also able to take a look at the m13b. I'm not really sure why it's probably an accident; I don't know how that actually works, but that's kind of how we're figuring out some of these leaks. One of the next things you need to take a look at here is going to be some brand new multiplayer maps, as of course multiplayer is covered.

You know what we're specifically covering here, and there are going to be some new leaks here for some stuff, and I'll kind of let you know. Dabble in a little bit of what's going on with Warzone because that directly ties into this map, but let's get into it. Castle is a map from World at War that actually got brought back into Vanguard.

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It's a Japanese-themed, castle-style map, and it's actually a pretty fun Well, I'm not going to lie, I personally enjoy playing it; it's got a pretty good flow. It's a pretty sizable map. Not exactly sure I was going to play Modern Warfare 2 based on how the game plays, so that is kind of TBD for one that actually does come out, but it says the background of this League season 2 artwork shows a Japanese fortress, but it doesn't completely resemble Castle from World at War.

It's supposed to be coming within season two; it's supposed to be kind of obviously like a Reaper-style map; it's going to be more of an apparently Japanese theme than the whole general theme of season two; that's why we have the castle map. There's also going to be an operator, which I'll talk about, but this is going to hopefully be something that's coming to the game because, Lord knows, we need a Resurgence map here in Warzone too.

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I'm personally not a big fan of Al-Mazra, and I'm personally not a big Matte BR player. I mean, I enjoyed dancing in Caldera; it was really bad when it came out, and I kind of got around to actually enjoying it. I pretty much just stuck over to Rebirth Island, so when we do get a Resurgence map. Um, coming here to season two, it says a familiar face could be returning as a model for season two as leaks revealed that Ronan could arrive within the season to update this same leaked artwork, which clearly showed Ronan as the season's main operator, if the leak turns out to be true.

Ronan is guaranteed to arrive, which would of course fit with the Japanese general theme, and that's also by the way; gotta put this out there. I love Japanese-related stuff, so if this is indeed the theme, this is going to be an absolute banger season, and I'm really hoping otherwise that we get some cool.

Japanese-style variants in the shop. for any guys who don't know. Is going to be ranked play arriving within season two possibly; it says while we can't confirm Modern Warfare 2 rank play is arriving in season two as of yet, the devs did state the highly anticipated mode is slated for a 2023 release.

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Frank's hit Vanguard within the Season 2 update, so it is possible for Modern Warfare to have a similar time frame. For now, fans of competitive Call of Duty can scratch their itch by playing against CDL on the Mosh Pit playlist, but otherwise, hopefully, it will come here within season two. I don't really understand how that hasn't already been considered.

There's a Call of Duty League, and it's a giant, like, you know, a 20- to 30-million-dollar buy-in. You'd think that they would allocate some resources here to be able to have ranked play in the game off-rip, but that's just me. I feel like I had enough time to be able to kind of get that in the game, and frankly, they had enough time to get a lot of these features in the game, like combat records, which are still not in War Zone 2 by the way this.

There are just a lot of things that we need for quality of life updates, and frankly. I can make a whole article talking about quality of life updates here, but I'm just not going to really get into that because there's a lot of stuff that I feel like the game also should have or should not have that just doesn't really make a lot of sense.

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I do also need to put out there that there have been a lot of talks of a brand new UI update, which, in season two, makes sense if they do a kind of overhaul in the UI. The UI is basically how the menu system works. I actually heard a bit of a rumor that they hire a lot of people from Hulu. You know, the sort of like UI designers are from Hulu, so it kind of makes sense if you ever look at Hulu's, you know, UI.

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