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Hello and welcome! I hope you're all having a great day. The best place to start is to mention that you only need to complete six of these in order to unlock the blueprint, so for that reason. I'm going to put this article in order of how easy I see the challenges being to complete, but feel free to pick and choose whichever you prefer now before we jump into challenges.

Atv - stay in the air for 5 seconds

Call of Duty the. The first and easiest challenge is the ATV, which requires five seconds of air time to load into plunder or DMZ, but plunder is arguably easier. Drive to the top of the observatory area and look for an angle that has a steep drop off the edge. A few seconds after landing, the achievement should pop up.

Dirt bike - perform 20 air tricks

The second challenge is the dirt bike, and this requires 20 air tricks again, either DMZ or plunder, and you want to find an area out the way that has hills or anything you can use as a ramp. While in the air, you will need to press a button in order to perform a trick. For me, it was to press the right stick in.

You will know if the trick has been performed correctly by the superman popping up on the screen with the XP rinse. Repeat this 20 times, and the challenge will be complete.

Pwc - visit 5 pois

Pwc - visit 5 pois

In the third challenge, we are required to jump into the DMZ and select the Ashika Island map. This is by far the best way to complete the PWC. Don't worry if you've never played DMZ; you just go in with nothing. It's not a problem at all. You don't even need a weapon, as this can be looted if required.

What you want to do is find the closest PWC. And drive around the outside of the map, sticking close enough that you enter the zones, and you'll pass Five Pois in no time. If you've entered with nothing, you can just leave, as you have nothing to lose and therefore don't need to exit. Challenge 4 requires you to stay in the DMZ, but this time jump across El Mazura.

Ltv 30 - enemy kills by running them over

The LTV requires you to run over 30 enemies, and bots are by far the easiest method. Don't forget to use petrol stations to re-hill where bots will also be located. Stay out of larger cities, as you don't want to run into a mass amount of bots hiding in buildings or even enemy players finding little groups on the road around the outside of the map to guarantee yourself less drama moving.

Light helo - refuel your helicopter at 10 different stations

Light helo - refuel your helicopter at 10 different stations

On to number five, and we are staying in El Masra DMZ. We need to refuel the light Helo at 10 different gas stations.

This one can be a bit of a pain if you can't find the helicopter or if it's already been taken, if that's the case. Try a different challenge, or just back out and try again. You will need to completely refuel the helicopter for Max at each station you visit, but you can hover just above in order to refuel if you're getting shot at.

You may need to land and take out the bots, as the refueling often stops or even glitches. Look for stations close to each other, like the three here towards the bottom right-hand corner.

Armored patrol boat - 20 enemy kills using turrets

Challenge six, which is the armored control bow, could be your last challenge required. This is another that requires the El Mazda DMZ and can be a pain to find once entered.

You will want to drive around the shore, picking bots off as you go. As you can see from the clips here, I'm driving a little and then switching to the turret, ideally. Head towards Sawyer Village, which is a waterhole that allows you to take out a mass amount of bots.

Heavy tank - 20 kills with either turret

Heavy tank - 20 kills with either turret

Moving on to the heavy tank now, which is surprisingly easy but does require a little luck, Head over to the ground wall, where you'll have no issues picking up the 20 kills. The issue is being the first one into the tank.

You can get this done if the turbine is free, but controlling the tank and having the main gun is by far the easiest method. If you aren't the first and the game is at the beginning, I'll just back out and try again. Don't waste your time. If the game is halfway through or you've already died using the tank, then there is a chance a second tank will spawn.

Wait in the main base area and keep looking at the mini map, waiting for the drop-off. The last tip is that if you're hit with a drill charge, which is quite common, make sure you leave the tank before it explodes and jump straight back in; otherwise, it will kill you armored.

Armored truck - ram 5 enemy vehicles at high speed

Truck is eight and requires something a little bit different.

Jump into the co-op mode called low profile, where a teammate will be assigned if you're solo, honestly. Don't worry about your teammate if they're clueless; you can do this on your own. I'd recommend keeping the sniper and grabbing an SMG before dropping. Once you've started, go to the first, taking out the bots and being careful with the traps.

Find the radioactive object, and from there, swim across the B and repeat the process. C is a little bit harder, but keep your distance. Use the Recon drone and sniper range as well. You will need to beware of the Jug, but he isn't too difficult to take out at the end of this game mode. I managed to get three in one go before finishing it off with a second attempt. Each attempt takes around 15 to 20 minutes if you don't worry about being silent.

Hatchback - 10 kills while leaning out of the window

Hatchback - 10 kills while leaning out of the window

The hatchback makes it in at nine, and I'd recommend dropping into Vondel lockdown quads. Drop straight to a vehicle where you have a choice to make. You can either be sneaky with a sniper and try and take people out of range or full-on send it like I did excuse, the weapon builds I haven't played Wonder in ages and can be bothered to change them.

My tactic here was to drive past the zone and hang out the window, taking out anyone I could find. Make sure to finish off your down for this one. If I died, I'd either fly straight back to that vehicle or find another. Trust me, you're going to die a lot in this one, but it doesn't matter as you'll just respawn.

Mrap - 30 kills using turrets

armored truck ram 5 enemy vehicles

On to the final challenge, which fully depends on your team. the mrap we want to go into the armored royale mode, and I found the turret to be the most effective method. With a group of friends, this could be good fun and not too difficult, but like I said, it completely depends on your team. I had people drive me into rivers off cliffs.

One guy even managed to get the truck stuck between two buildings. Focus on players out of the armored truck, as these are easier to kill, but if you're in battle, aim for the guy on the turret often. They can go down quite easily, which not only gives you a chance of a kill but also makes the enemy team a lot weaker.

This will allow you to destroy the truck and pick up a few extra kills. As always, good luck.

New Season 5 Reloaded Vehicle Event Guide, showing you how to Unlock the new BAS-P Blueprint Bronze Dash. These challenges can be done in Warzone, DMZ, Groundwar Plunder. Each challenge unlocks a new Vehicle skincamo which can be used. modern warfare 2 vehicle challenges Warzone Vehicle challenges.
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