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If you are always looking for the best weapons, you have chosen a good article. In this article, I will give you five of the best SMGs in the game and two load-ups, one for the lowest level of each weapon and the other for maxing that weapon. A striker was the strongest SMG in the previous season, but it became weak, but it still has a good TTK and has its own.

Fan number four, Amr9, may not have much damage, but it's very accurate. The HRM 9 and RAM 9 are together the best SMGs of this season, but in my opinion, the HRM 9 feels better when used. As I said, in each weapon, the first part is arranged for the lowest level and the second for the highest level of the weapon.

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the best new guns in warzone mobile. s2 reloaded best meta. this video will be update. you can buy new guns from arsenal store.
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