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100% Sorry buddy, gas, good game [__]. Some [__] picked the wrong woo, get it done, 32 kills. She all right, so we're starting out with the meta assault rifle loadout, which is the DG58. The VT Spirit fire suppressor is undetectable by radar recoil control bullet velocity and damage range at the cost of aim downside speed, aim walking steadiness, and sprint to fire speed.

Next, move on to the DG 56 LS18 barrel for buet velocity and range aiming out of sway gun kick control and recoil control. Put on the Camura Ren 03 vertical grip for gun kick control, recoil control, aiming out of sway, and firing aim stability. Put on the 40-round mag unless you feel comfortable putting on the 60; it's completely up to you and your personal preference.

I mean, I think both are really good, so whatever you like, use it. Oro eagles eye 2.5. Times, that's my choice now. If you guys want to use anything else, feel free, but I got the best results with this, so this is my favorite loadout for the DG 56. Please throw this on there, and you might just drop a 30 bomb.

3 best loadouts

Next is the best SMG in War Zone 3 right now. The W swarm is so good, and we start out with the L for our flash hider for muzzle flash concealment, recoil control, and gun kick control on the Broom pivot vertical grip for gun kick control vertical recoil, aiming idle sway, and firing aim stability on the 9mm high grain rounds to bullet velocity and damage range that cause some recoil control.

Put on the 50-round mag or whatever you want to put on there, and last but not least, put on the FSS Fortress heavy stock for gun kick control, reco control firing aim stability, and tax spread. This is the best SMG in the game. At close range, it absolutely shreds, so be sure to try it out, and you'll absolutely love it.

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