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Clint, today with classic firearms, we've got Kaa back with us. We are excited to bring you part two of our Top Guns in Modern Warfare 2 in real life. They just announced Modern Warfare 3, so we're excited to bring this to you. I think they're bringing back zombies. Yeah, they are. Do you even have a game?

You're talking about Modern Warfare 2. yeah, I may have uninstalled it at one point, but I did reinstall it all right, and I played like two games, and I was at the top of my leaderboard against bots. You should play against me; the bots were definitely more challenging, I'm sure. Anyway, that sounds like a One V one coming up pretty soon, and I think it'd be a good time.

One V, one me, and Ka. I think it's just going to be a bad day for you. Let's do it. I don't think so, but anyway. You're excited let's do it, man. Let's roll into our number,.

Knights armament sr25

Knights armament sr25

First up, the hottest torrent in real life It's the Knights Armament SR25 military designation of the m110, a very widely used semi-auto sniper system that is very accurate, very sought-after, hard to find, and also very freaking expensive. This gun right here, even though it kind of looks basic, is one that's going to cost you several thousand.

This one specifically cost me like $6, 000. So, there you have it. Anyway, I do have the PSO heavy stock up here, beautiful Luupold optic; this is actually a B5 system stock anyway, 20-in barrel. Man, this is what I'm talking about the night Armament SR25 chambered again in that 762. The NATO cartridge just feels great.

There's a reason why this gun is legendary, and you just have to shoot one to believe it.

Tempest razerback

Tempest razerback

Anyway, let's head on over to Ka with the Tempest Razer, back, Tempest Razer back, and in real life, it's called Springfield. Helen, now our loadout over here is the 6our Romeo at optic and shield suppressor in the game Coro enforcer optic and GSX suppressor. Now it looks pretty much like the game Loadout to me.

Now this one is also a very, very reliable weapon system, and their military name is VHS2. It's seen a lot of action out there, and it's chambered in 5.56. In the game, it is supposedly dominating the field. Now I don't know about that. I want to take it to range, shoot it, and see if it lives up to the name in the game.

Woo, man, this thing feels amazing. It's got a suppressor, so that doesn't mean it's going to be really quiet, but it is quieter, and it shoots really soft. The bull poop design definitely allows that recoil to be observed by me, so overall, a fantastic-looking rifle. I love it. love it let's finish this off.

762, next up is the Lochman 762, and I've got this one hooked up with the polar fire silencer and the slogger optic with the factory stock, but you're probably wondering why your optic is so far back. Well, it's called eye relief, and this is the Swamp Fox saber. We've also got a big shout out to LMT for providing the silencer, the Ion 762, and this gun in COD 4 is the G3, which is exactly what it is in real life, but specifically, this is a beautiful clone.

Rip, my, that feels freaking great. The Lochman 762 and the PTR91 that I have right here—look at that nice and smokey thing that's hot, literally anyway. How does it feel to shoot the recoil on this? The recoil impulse, especially with the silencer at the end and how much heavier this gun is, is actually really, really soft.

I would actually say it's pretty comparable to what's in the game, and this just feels so good and is one that I wouldn't mind personally owning anyway. Let's head back into the article room.



Ka, tacv, also known as Scar 17 now, is a very iconic weapon system because it's been adopted by the US Socom, and to this day they use it, so it is no joke now in real life. This is my loadout right here. Trion AOG optic Steiner dball and also mpole-angled forgrip I don't have an espressor; it's just got the FN muzzle brake, which helps control the recoil for me because this is chambered in 308, so it is a little bit snappy.

It's also snappy in the game as well. Now, in the original game, this was not all that good in Modern Warfare 2; it was improved; it was a little bit better; however, it deserves a lot more because it's a scar. It's an iconic weapon system; let's take it to range and see how it works. Man, this thing is Snappy, Scar 17, or Tac B over here, man.

modern warfare 2

It feels extremely well to shoot, like really type of very heavy recoil, so of course this brake kind of helps me out, but if you have a suppressor, that doesn't mean it's going to shoot softer, but overall shoots fantastic, and you can tell if you get a hit on somebody they're going down with tacv anyways.

Anyway, let's get back to the article room and check out that TS12 or MX Guardian. Clint, next up, we've got the MX Guardian. This thing right here is super unique. It is actually the Iwi Tavor, TS12. This thing is a shotgun that accepts either 2 and 3/4 or 3in shells and also fits five rounds in each individual tube.

That's right this is what makes it so unique: the fact that it actually has individual magazine tubes that rotate, like you see right here. Once this thing is empty, you shoot your five rounds, then rotate to the next round or next magazine tube, and then shoot that one out on shipment. This thing is absolutely devastating, and it's usually me that's getting devastated by it anyway.

I know you guys want to see it run out of range, so let's go do it. That, how cool is it that if you notice, as soon as one of the tubes runs dry, it locks back, and then you can rotate it by pushing this button right here that'll rotate to the fresh tube, and as soon as you do it, chambers, the next round makes for a really, really fast shooting gun, and one where again you have 15 rounds plus one if you can load it right, 16 rounds total on this guy, that's pretty freaking.

Cool, man, it is way too much fun again, compact Bullpup design. I got to love that anyway.

Mcpr pr300

Mcpr pr300

Let's cut over to Kle with the McPr, MC Pr300, also known as the Barett Emrad multi-roll adaptive design. Now in the game, it's chambered in 300 winm, but here in real life, we want it to go big, so 338 laua right here, the gun deserves that this is adopted by us Socom and is to this day used by them.

It's now one of the most accurate and reliable bolt-action sniper rifles ever anyway. Modern Warfare 2 absolutely nailed it because this is as beast of a gun in the game as it is in real life, and I can't wait to take it to range and shoot it. That's about it; let's do it. Man, I love this thing.

No wonder this is a one-shot, one-kill kind of gun. Bar Mrad is obviously a fantastic rifle, and you know what? We've got the loop hold 7 to 35 optic over here, which doesn't exist in the game, and you know what? Thanks to Underwood Ammo for supplying 338 here. Yes, you're right, this is not 300; this is 338.

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