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Ladies and gentlemen, a few of y'all have asked me to show off what gameplay looks like if you own a net Duma R3 gaming router, so I'm going to show you a little bit of Team Deathmatch on meat. Be forewarned; I'm an old fart all right, so I'm not a professional gamer by any means. I like these routers because if you shoot somebody and you're on target with the right gun, all of those things you're GNA win the gunfight.

That said, I'm going to walk you through my geofilter settings. Quickly talk about smart boost, where all you need to do is put gaming on top. See, that was easy, and then we're going to just show off the game play. So, let's take a look at my geofilter. We loaded it into my Geo filter page here on my phone, and you can see I've done polygon, mode, and putting a polygon around the area that works best for me, so I live in Colorado.

Some of those California servers aren't so good. I stay completely away from the Chicago servers. I have my geofilter enabled. If we click the drop-down menu in the corner and click settings, you can see I do have Geo latency turned on PING. Assist is set to zero because I do not want anything outside of my polygon.


And now we're going to start a game, and as the game loads in, it's going to say, Hey, where are all the servers? Okay, here are all the servers; which ones can I connect to? And this takes a few seconds. If you only choose one server to play on, it may take a couple of minutes to get into the game, or you may have trouble.

Maybe that server is actually down at the moment because there aren't enough people in the area at the time. These are all things to be aware of. This is why I've chosen a pretty big area when it comes to Call of Duty, so that I have multiple servers to connect to. I've now connected to the Washington server, and you will see it start to ping that server and gather the information as we start to load into the match.

So it's going to ping it; it may disappear; it may come back a couple times. This is all okay if you have the R3. Come back to your menu, and you want to look and see if your ping is being stabilized. Now that you're loading in, it's probably not going to have any stabilization as it's trying to figure everything out, but as the match completely starts, you will see stabilization start to happen, the ping will be stabilized, and the game will be as smooth as possible.

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All right, everybody again. I'm an old fart. I did my best; it was actually really early in the morning when I recorded this, and I just got kind of lucky. I have good games and bad games, just like everybody else who has all said to enjoy the game play. If you have any questions, you know the deal; hit up the comment section, and until next time, take it

Modern Warfare 3 team death match gameplay with the NetDuma R3 gaming router. Watch this old guy show these noobs how it's done.
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