News - Tombstone Dupe Glitch "after Patch" Warzone 2 Zombies. Warzone 2 Zombies Unlimited Money/item Dupe Glitch

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We have a article on how you guys can get unlimited items in Call of Duty: Zombie after the holiday patch, so with this new patch, there is going to be an even better way of doing this glitch. I'm going to show you guys the best, easiest, and most consistent way to do it right here. I get it every time, and my tombstone is always there when I go back to it.

Once you get the items you want, simply head over to the tombstone perk and grab it; it is simply $2, 000. Essence is super, super cheap. You guys won't have a problem getting that at all. Once you're done, you need to go over to a Xill Chopper or just wherever you want to place your tombstone. For this glitch.

I went over to this top of the tower right here, kind of right next to it, and I placed it right here just so when I get my Tombstone stuff. I can fly over to whichever Xville, and it'll be just the fastest. I recommend you guys do it that way because flying is definitely faster than walking, and the XS are RNG-based, so once that's done before we continue on to this next part of the glitch.

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I do want to say skip the grind and unlock all of the new schematics for a cheap price. Checkout silent services We also offer bot lobbies where you can get interstellar, camo, and hard camo unlock and nuke skin services. All that cool stuff now, as you can see here, has reviews; they absolutely love it.

You guys can use these lobbies to get XP and camos. If you want to make sure you drop yourself five, then it's best to be in a solo game. You used to want to be in a multiplayer game, but solo games are just the most consistent now, and now you want to die from something, either fall damage or zombie.

Stone meat—that's what I did. Then, when you're down, you want to give up. At this point, you want to wait until the game fully ends. Once it fully ends, it will let you leave the game. Now that you want to leave the game, you want to load back up into that game. Once you're in it, you're going to see your tombstone, which is still on the map with all of the loot and the money.

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You don't need to leave any extra spaces in your tombstone when you get down, but when you guys are back in the game, you want to head to your tombstone, and you are going to be in the item now, depending on how many items you ended up putting in your tombstone to dup. You guys may need to buy a medium backpack or a large backpack to fit it all, and at this point you want to buy your large backpack because you won't be losing your large backpack and you'll be keeping everything.

So yeah, you don't have to worry about that at this point. I ended up buying myself a backpack and all that cool stuff because I did have the most money. Now, this isn't the only place you can do this; I will explain that more later, but this is just the most consistent way. Once you are at the xfill chopper, you want to activate it, then wait like 40 seconds to a minute for it to land, and then start going away.

Once it goes away, you want to open up the menu to close your application. You are going to be looking at your background, and as soon as it fades to black, you want to close your app. Now head back into the game, and you will see that everything has been filled with what you expelled, but when you go back into the game, it will still have your tombstone.

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If your stash is above 10 and you cannot put anything else in it in order to get past that, after all the updates after you know Christmas you guys want to go ahead and select the item that you guys want to put in your stash and swap it with a reward item, then unequip. The reward item that will let you guys literally sto past 10 and you'll be able to non-stop, sto after sto after sto so this is a very broken glitch and with this you can get 100 plus stash items of extremely rare things so that is the first way and in order to simply rinse and repeat this you want to head back into the game go to your Tombstone, again since it will still be there even though you xfill you glitched it out with that close app xfill part but when you guys go to your Tombstone collect the items go to the xfill close app at the black screen.

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Then you guys will be able to just, you know, go back in the game and see your tombstone again, but you will still have the items, and you just do that over and over and over, super easy. You guys shouldn't struggle. Now with this point right here, if you do it and you're doing a stash glit and eventually it stops exfilling the items, then you will have to do this next glitch and do it with the act for xfill portal.

You have to do it the ACT four-way, if that happens so yeah anyways let's move on to the next part now there are more ways that you guys can xfill, well in this glitch so we guys don't have to use the xfill chopper you can use the act or xfill portal, over at the dark ether simply just enter the portal then wait about 4 seconds so go 1 2 3 4 open up the close app and then close app about a second later that right there should be the perfect timing and you will see that when you close your app load back up into the game you're still going to have the items and your Tombstone will still be on the map that is another way you can do it The next way is with Acts 1, 2, and 3.

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Choppers, you would do the same thing by just waiting for the black screen. Then, you know, close the app super easy, same exact thing, and you will still have your tombstone in game, and you'll be able to xill and do the stone glitch and get unlimited items. Now, if you guys want to go into the dark ether or act on missions and actually do them, it is going to be a little bit different in order to actually complete those, and you know, keep your tombstone.

It's definitely a bit tricky with that; you may still lose your Tombstone even if you do this. It's just kind of inconsistent. At times, the most consistent way is to do it. You know the ways that I just showed you guys a second ago, but in order to do it as consistently as possible, like complete the active missions or complete the dark ether, you just do it this way.

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But once you guys are done getting that Tombstone, your money, and all the stuff you then want to get down by a grenade, fall damage, whatever you want. I'm getting down from fall damage, then you want to give up and plead for help. At this point, you want your friend to revive you. You will see that is going to glitch out your Tombstone, but once you do it, your buddy can do it, and then you two can move on to the next step if you guys are trying to go into the dark ether and keep your.

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