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I'm going to show you guys a new way of doing tombstone duplication, glitch, and I'm going to show you guys how you guys can go into the dark ether areas and still keep your tombstone and still duplicate. We are going to be duplicating. And buy it. Tombstone is 2, 000; I also have like 600, 000 cash, so if you have money, do this to get unlimited.

Money, but once you guys are done getting that Tombstone, your money, all the stuff you then want to get down by a grenade, fall damage, whatever you want. I'm getting down by fall damage, then you want to give up, then plead for help. At this point, you want your friend to revive you. You will see that is going to glitch out your Tombstone.

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You don't have to leave the game at all. You can leave the game if you want to make sure that your Tombstone is duped, but once you do it, your buddy can do it, and then you two can move on to the next step now if you guys are trying to go into the dark ether and keep your Tombstone. I recommend you guys to do this every time when you're trying to load into the dark ether before you go into it do this part of the glitch then go into the dark ether now as you can see I'm in the dark ether now I ended up dying trying to beat this act for Boss because I don't have the other dark ether part unlocked where you do contracts, but what you would do is go into your story Mission your AC Mission and you would go into the dark ether now when you're in it once you're done you know completing this stuff and you want to eill if you want to keep that Tombstone glitched out and just duplicate your items all you want to do is you want to use that portal in the dark ether to xfill or that Chopper in the axe to xfill, now when you go to the xfill you are going to be pressing the xfill button then as soon as it says successful xfill, you want to unplug your ethernet or just disconnect your internet from your console and then that will basically kick you out of the game and put you offline.

mw3 zombies dupe glitch

Then, when you go back into the game, you will see that the items that you filled with will still be in your inventory, but when you head back into the game, the tombstone will be where you died in the earlier part of the glitch, and now you want to do this every time that you go into the dark ether or axe because if you don't, then it will probably make your tombstone disappear.

Now, there's something like a co-op way of duplicating your items and going into the dark ether without losing your tombstone. Let me get into the solar way of doing this duplication glitch. In this one right here, you can't go into the dark because your tombstone will probably disappear, but you can still use this glitch to duplicate items.

I use it to duplicate my gold armor item. As you can see. I have two of these gold armor items, and every time I load into a game. I will always have gold armor and the Ether knife, so yeah, you can use this to duplicate any item, and here's how you guys do this. What you need to do is, when you're in the game, get the tombstone.

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After you're done getting all of your stuff ready, you will also need a large rucksack in order to get it consistently. Every single time, without fail, you want to make sure you don't have a self-revive, and you also want to make sure that you are in a multiplayer game. Here's another important step that a lot of other people do differently that just does not work.

You want to fill up your backpack, but with this stuff that you want to do, you only keep your last slot, the last slot, not the first slot. Literally, like you see on the screen right here, I have the last slot empty, and that's what you need. Follow me, and then, when you're done with that, you want to Simply get downed by a zombie or grenade, get up, then go right ahead and leave your game.

Once you're done with that, load back up into your game, and then you want to find your tombstone. And you will see all the items are there; it's going to be a large backpack; it's not going to eliminate any items; and everything should be in it, like everything; there shouldn't be things missing at all; and you're also going to get your money; your money will save.

mw3 zombies gold armor unlock glitch

And now, if you want cheap cam bot lobbies, check out Silent Services. As you can see here, there are reviews; they absolutely love it. You guys can use these lobbies to get XP and camos. Use the code silent service. For 5% off, you want to go ahead and head around the map and get yourself a medium backpack, or.

I mean, a medium rug sack, or a large rug sack, and then you just want to make sure you guys collect all the items in the tombstone. Now you just want to go around and get self-revivals if you want to get self-revivals because at this point you're going to be X-filled, so if you guys want your character to have backpacks, this is the best time to get him because you should have a lot of cats.

Now you guys have a few ways to glitch out your Tombstone. Even more, there is the chopper way, which does still work, and I will explain that later, but the new best way to do it is with the portal you want to activate the act for mission in your menus. Then, when you're in the game, you'll get your tombstone.

mw3 zombies schematic cool down skip glitch

The item, With a reward, go to the purchase tab and swap it with that now-unequipped item. The reward, at this point, is that you want to do this for all the items, and it's going to go into your stash, and it will let you get over 100 stash items in your stash. So yeah, here's the Xville way, though, so you guys can still do the Xill way.

It's just the Xville way. If you go over 20 stash items, then it may not work with your items all the time, so yeah, here's the Xville way, so you guys can do it this way. If you guys don't want to do the portal the way you want to, go ahead and use the Xville Chopper. Go inside the Xville Chopper, then get ready to close your application.

Then, when you see the screen going black, that is when you want to close your application, then load back into the game right away. Once you're back in the game you're going to see that all of your items xfill all the weapons all of the perks all of the crystals all of the tools, all of just every single thing that you got from that Tombstone xfi, and if that happened you know you're doing it right So far.

mw3 zombies schematic unlock glitch

I'm going to load back into the game, and you should see the tombstone. Is still there. You have officially duplicated the items, and you fill them with them, but you still have many tombstones at this point. You guys can rinse and repeat the last step, so go to the tombstone. Collect your items, close the app, and then just rinse and repeat that until you get the maximum amount of items.

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