News - This Striker Loadout Is "broken" Rebirth Island. Best Striker Class Setup - Warzone 2

best striker build

I dropped 49 kills using the best movement SMG in War Zone 3, so I'm going to break down every single attachment that you guys need to be running on your Striker to make it absolutely broken. So jumping straight into the first attachment for the Meta Striker build in War Zone 3, we do want to start with the stubby short barrel, which is going to give us a 4% increase to our movement speed as well as a 9% decrease to the aim down sight and the sprint of fire time, and it's going to make this Striker build one of the fastest SMGs in the entire game.

Next up, we do want to throw on the best movement attachment in all of War Zone 3, which is going to be the no stock attachment. This is going to give us a % increase to our movement speed as well as 133% to the aim-down sight speed and 17% to the sprint-to-fire time, which, as you are going to see in the gameplay, is going to allow us to make some absolutely insane movement plays.

Now we do want to throw a magazine onto the build, and the one we are going to be rocking is the 48-round mag, making this build very reliable for fighting multiple enemies at once. If you don't really care about losing more mobility and handling, you can also run the 60-round mag, but I personally am a very aggressive movement-based player, so I do think the 48-round mag is the better option before I finish off the rest of the build.

best striker class setup

Back into the build, now we do want something to up our recoil control but still maintain a very good movement speed, so with that being said, we want to use the MSP 98 hand stop, which is going to do exactly that, which gives us a 6% increase to our movement speed but at the same time decreases The recoil gun kicks by 6% and the vertical recoil by 7%, which is absolutely insane for one attachment to give you those two stats on an SMG build, and it's going to give this Striker build the highest movement speed in all of War Zone 3.

And now for the fifth and final attachment to complete the build, we do want to throw on my favorite muzzle in the game right now, the Z 35 compensated flash hider, which does give us a 5% decrease of the horizontal recoil by 15% to the vertical recoil while only increasing our aim-down sight speed by about 3%, which is going to make this build a lot easier to use, and it's going to be very, very quick.

best striker class setup mw3

Here's the full meta. Striker build for War Zone 3 season 3 is the fastest SMG in the game right now, and using this build, I dropped a 49-kill game on Rebirth Island, so without further ado, let's get into it. My buddy came in hot, Enem dropping the., enem dropping into the, money's on the buy Brother, go for it.

There's money on the buy 15 grand. You can get them all, or you can push me and die. The money's on the buy. Swear to God. Swear to God. Money's on the buy. Come on, if you buy your teammates back and I kill you, I get. I tried to help you kill, and I believe 49 is a lame

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