News - New Striker Loadout Is "broken" Warzone 3. Best Striker Class Setup - Warzone 2

best striker build

I dropped 39 kills using the best Striker build, so I'm going to break down every single attachment that I was running to give this gun the best mobility in War Zone 3. So jumping straight into the first attachment for the Meta Striker build in War Zone 3, we do want to start with a barrel, and the one we do want to rock on this build is the striker stubby barrel, which is going to give us a 4% increase to our movement speed as well as a 9% decrease to the aim-down sight speed and 10% to the sprint of fire time, giving this build some of the highest mobility and handling in the entire game.

Now for the second attachment, we do want to throw on the best mobility attachment in the entire game, which is going to be the no-stock attachment. And this is going to give us an 8% increase to our movement speed, 3% to the sprint speed, and a 4% increase to our attack sprint speed, which is going to allow us to make some absolutely insane movement plays, and on top of that, we get another 13% decrease to the aim down sight speed and 17% of the sprint of fire time, making this build insanely insane.

best striker class setup

If you're tired of skill-based matchmaking giving you the sweatiest lobbies, I would definitely check out Spmm. They are a 100% safe gaming VPN that almost completely negates skill-based matchmaking. Now we definitely want to throw a magazine onto the build, so we are going to be running the 48-round mag, making this build a lot more reliable for fighting multiple enemies at once and if you really wanted to you could also use the 60 round mag but you are going to lose quite a bit of mobility and handling.

Next up, we do want to throw on something that is going to increase our recoil but not affect our movement speed at the same time, so with that being said, we want to throw on the ms98. Hand stop, which is going to do exactly that, gives us a 6% decrease to the recoil gun kick as well as 7% to the vertical recoil, which is going to make this build a lot easier to use, and on top of that, it also gives us a 6% increase to our movement speed, which is absolutely insane for an underbarrel to give you those two stats at the same time.

best striker class setup mw3

And now, for the final attachment, we want to throw on one of my favorite attachments in the game right now, and that is the Zone 35 compensated flash hider. This thing fits absolutely perfect on pretty much any build that you make because it does give us a 5% decrease of the horizontal recoil and 15% of the vertical recoil while only increasing our aim-down sight speed by about 4%, eliminating almost all the visual recoil on the striker while still keeping it very, very quick.

Here's the full meta. Striker build for War Zone 3 season 2 reloaded is a very solid option for an SMG right now, and using this build, I dropped a 39 kill game on Fortune's Keep, so without further ado, let's get into. I'm such a good friend. I got you. I just played this here, and I'm dead because, if he's on me, I can't see him.

I couldn't see him because you're 34. What the am I doing? They're landing on you too, like they're feeding you. There are four down here. Please come help me. I'm trying what do you mean trying? I'm looking at you. You're not trying. I'm not just going to run in there. I'm going to drop 40 risky beers.

There's another one to your right. Alert, Shad far from your location; get moving, Pronto. Remaining, let me get one. I'm dead, my. I didn't get it. That's crazy they're both one-shots.

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