News - The Best Loadout For Solos Warzone 3. 25 Kill Solos Gameplay


It's your boy. Brax with another YouTube article, and in today's article, I have a solo duo game. I was like, you know, I feel like I could dominate solo duos. I went out there with the sniper rifle and the bass B and absolutely dominated the lobby. This class setup is a lot of fun to use and really versatile, especially with the bass B.

I can literally do it all, but yeah, I've been getting all my gameplay live on Twitch every single day, so I would appreciate any support over there. Let's get into the build, all right? So we have the Cat AMR sniper rifle. This gun is absolutely insane; it's a lot of fun to use, so I definitely enjoy one shot sniping in War Zone.

It feels like a little bit of a slower sniper because it does have to take one shot, but this class is the best, so we have the Sonic suppressor XL, the Zang 34 barrel, the Spire Point, ammunition, the FSOL laser, and the Quick Fire Bolt. And for the secondary, this is like a hybrid version of the bass B SMG; it has a little bit more range and is definitely a lot better for sniper support.


I use the spirit fire suppressor, the Dr6 hand stop, the short Brewing 8-in. barrel, the 45-round mag, and the minute man stock. Also, when I am using the sniper class. I make sure I put on the focus perk that reduces Flinch when aiming down sights and lets me hold my breath longer, and this is definitely the best sniper class in War Zone.

I am trying to make sure this sniper is still good without the ammo attachment. I can't run the ammo attachment because enemies are dropping into the re-up pulling up truck. Please keep me in mind. Be advised that I appreciate you, Chad. Of course, get your [__] my man. I don't think Ron is in it, and I don't think Round is in it.

Yeah, well, yeah, I gave you the good one. I'm using the one without bullet velocity right now. Yeah, I give you the good one. It's an exclamation mark sniper for the one with bullet velocity, but they banned the attachment in the attorney's office today, so I'm trying to get good with it without the bullet velocity attachment.

Hopefully, it still is. Goodyeah, I'm still here; we're,

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