News - This Secret Attachment Makes The "rapp H" Overpowered - Best Rapp H Class Setup Warzone 2

Rapp h class setup

Rapp h class setup

So you may be wondering what exactly is the secret attachment for the rap H—that's the canted, vibro. That's the point of the build. I get actually requested to make a build focused around that and find a weapon that it really works best for overall. I'm not a big fan of the rep, but when I threw the can to decide on.

I actually had a ton of fun, obviously in the laser size where you're going to find This exact laser sight attachment makes it so that when you add it like I said, it is a bit sideways, so for the barrel here, you're going to want the lock, but Nova is going to give you movement speed, aim-down sight speed, and hip recoil, obviously, for control.

You don't want to take on long-range fights with a weapon where you're virtually hip firing, and for the tuning here, you want it set to plus 0.26. Towards your recoil steadiness and minus 0.40, towards your aim down sight speed for the underbelly, here we do need a little bit of recoil stabilization.

best mw2 rapp h class

You can see that big jump in the accuracy side of things gives you aiming idle stability hip fire accuracy, and then of course recoil stabilization where you're going to want a negative 0.36 towards your aim down sight speed and a negative 0.19 towards your aim walking speed over here in the rear grip we have the LMK that's going to give you sprint to fire speed and aim down sight speed where you're going to want that set to be a negative 0.39 towards your aim down sight speed, and then on the bottom I kind of just had it set alone; you can set that towards Sprint to fire speed but honestly I think I just forgot to tune it and the build felt absolutely awesome.

So for the stock, you're finishing the build with the FT. Mobile stock Sprint speed, aim walking speed, garage movement speed, and aim down sight speed For our tuning, there's a negative 1.03 toward the aim down sight speed and a negative 1.01 toward your aim walking speed. I had an absolute blast trying to find a weapon and a build that worked best for me. Without further ado, let's get over to.

Rapp h gameplay

Rapp h gameplay

The gameplay is all right. I'm spawning into this one a little late, but somebody asked me to cover the canted site. I felt like that. The most success I was having was in my That was a sniper. I'm so thankful I'm not dead, but brother, I hate those flashes; I absolutely hate them.

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They've got to get nerfed. I know some of you, the finishers, are fine, but they're not fine. Last time I complained about Flash, somebody told me to stop complaining, but you know what? That's just a cool thing. I'm sorry, it's just coping. You're trying to find excuses to defend that, but there's no defending it.

I shouldn't be wearing an attack mask. I shouldn't be flashed. For a ridiculous amount of time, it just ruins the skill. Gap man i'm not even trying to get a nuke, and I'm not making excuses; there's no excuse for that, and I lose my mini-map in the process like what is that I'm sorry but there's no actual excuse you can give me that can defend it.

best rapp class

I know he's in that corner there. I used to love them, but I can't stand them in this game

I will be using the best class setup for the rapp h lmg in call of duty modern warfare 2 multiplayer. The rapp h has an insane fire rate making it viable at all ranges. Since I am using the vibro canted laser sight, you will want to stick to close and medium range. In the gameplay I will be playing on shoot house using this best rapp h class.
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