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best mw2 rapp h class

My jet landed on me—no way, no way, hell yeah, this is the Rap H in Modern Warfare 2. It is the Lochman family's entry into the LMG category compared to the other LMGs. it like an AR with the 556 Icarus for damage and fire raid statistics, and, similarly to the 556 Icarus, it is also best built if you just make it like it's an AR with a lot of bullets, so that is what we have done in today's class setup, which I will show you in a second.

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Class setup

Class setup

Starting with my secondary, which is on the X13 auto, we're trying out a class setup. This is a bit of a degenerate class, so if you want to try it out by all means do it, just know people are going to hate you. I have on the FJX diet a 70-watt laser, the Fort Steel fire suppressor, the nine millimeter frangible ammunition, the 50-round drum magazine, and then we have the Akimbo X13 rear-grip tacticals, the stun lethals, and the simtex perks package, of which one is double-time battle art and fast hands.

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Quick Fix and the field upgrades are dead silence for any Munitions Box, starting with the Rap H attachment that has zero tuning. The FSS OV laser is aimed at sight speed, stability, and sprint to fire speed. Like I said in the intro, we're going to be building this thing like a big AR. The 556 Icarus was basically an M4 with a lot of bullets; this is basically a 556 Lockman with a lot of bullets, surprisingly.

best rapp h class

Actually, shockingly, the Rap H and the Lochman 556 have identical statistics, along with the 556 and Icarus, in terms of damage and fire rate. I did not think that was possible, but they do for the rear grip, and we have the Ellen K64 Grip, a smooth and a depth grip designed for CQB situations. sprint to fire speed and aimed on sight speed, and then I have this thing tuned for aim down sight speed and sprint to fire speed just by doubling down on it or the underbarrel eye of the F-TAC Ripper 56 on aiming idle stability, hip fire accuracy, and recoil stabilization.

And then, coming into the tuning aimed at sight speed and aiming idle stability, you can go for recoil stabilization here if you need it. In all honesty, the wrap H's recoil seems a lot scarier than it actually is, but if you just pull down, you'll be fine for the barrel I have on the Lochman Nova Barrel.

best rapp h class mw2

This is movement speed aimed at sight speed and hip recoil for control. Now the cons here look pretty bad, but honestly, meh, look at those red lines; those aren't anything really to lose hope about the gun being able to do the same thing at pretty much any distance, and then, like I just said, the recoil isn't that bad anyway.

in terms of the aim down sight and movement barrels. I feel like this is the best one out of the three if you want to go for a damage build; you only really have one option, but for the build I'm making, this is the best one, and then here I have this max for recoil, steadiness, and damage range, and then last but not least for the muzzle I have on the Polar fire suppressor, this is sound suppression, bullet velocity, damage range, and recoil smoothness, pretty much offsetting any of the penalties we have from any of the other attachments and even for this one.

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I have it maxed out for aimed-on-sight speed and then for bullet velocity. These are the attachments I felt worked the best, honestly. You might be able to get away with removing the f-tac ripper and then going into the stock and using the Mobile stock. I just didn't think this had much of a buff that would benefit it more than using their f-tac, but that is the one suggestion I'll make.

I wouldn't use an optic, and I don't think any of the ammo types do anything, and then for magazines, you already have 75 bullets unless you're just trying to be a meme. Lord, I wouldn't recommend using 100 rounds, but these are the five attachments I'm using in the gameplay, which I'm going to show you after I finish talking here.

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