News - This Mx Guardian Loadout Is "broken" Warzone 2. Best Mx Guardian Class Setup - Mw2

best mx guardian class warzone 2

For tuning, we wanted to make it as hip-wide as possible, so we met at the hip spread and hip-walking speed of the barrier and the hyplm. For that damage range. Bull Varsity River control hit that you definitely put this on and made it broken. This is the tuning that we did run. There's definitely copying this down the muzzle around the Saab DX that sounds impression-bull velocity damage range and recall smoothness.

You definitely want to put this on. This is the tuning on the muzzle. Beach devil, copy this down the underground on the VX pineapple. This is purely for the hip fire, as you can see on the pros.

Best MX GUARDIAN Class Setup Warzone 2 Best MX GUARDIAN Loadout MW2 Warzone 2 Meta MX GUARDIAN After Update MX GUARDIAN Season 5. this MX GUARDIAN LOADOUT is BROKEN in WARZONE 2! Best MX GUARDIAN Class Setup - MW2. The Grind Never Stops.
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