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best hrm-9 build

I dropped 57 kills on Rebirth Island using the best HRM 9 class setup for season 3, so in today's article. I'm going to break down every single attachment that you guys need to be running on your HRM 9 to make it by far the best SMG in War Zone 3. Jumping straight into the first attachment for the Meta HRM 9 build, we do have two separate options for you to choose from, with the first one being the Thorn 90 barrel, and this is going to give us a 4% increase to our sprint speed, but most importantly, 7% of both the aim-down sight and sprint-to-fire time, making this one of the fastest SMGs in season 3, and then for the second option.

I also see a lot of people R the high grain round instead, and with these on, of course, the gun will be a bit slower, but you do get a 15% increase to the effective and minimum damage range as well as the B velocity, which is going to make the HR9 deal insane damage from short and medium ranges. Now for the second attachment, the HR9 has one of the cleanest iron sights in the entire game, so we do not need to throw an optic onto this build, and instead we do want to throw on the folding stock, which is going to give us a 9% decrease to the recoil gun kick as well as 14% to both the horizontal and vertical recoil, making this HRM 9 build extremely easy to use.

best hrm-9 class setup

Next up, we do, of course, want to throw on the 50-round drum. This is very important, especially if you play the bigger modes like trios or quads. I do have two separate underbarrels for you guys to choose from, with the first one being the MSP 98 hand stop, and this one is going to give us an 8% increase to our movement speed but at the same time give us a 6% decrease to the recoil gun kick and 7% to the vertical recoil.

The horizontal recoil is 15% of the vertical recoil, while only giving us a 5% increase to our aim-down sight speed, which is going to make this HRM 9 build almost recoiless. But still, stay very quick at the same time. Here's the full-metal HR 9 build for War Zone 3 season 3, still the best SMG in the game right now, and using this build.

I drop a crazy 57 kill game on Rebirth Island, so without further ado, let's get into it. Yeah, I die every game off of RI, but I still keep doing it. I'm up i'm going to drop a 50.

BROKEN HRM-9 Loadout in MODERN WARFARE 3 new HRM-9 Class Setup in MW3.
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