News - Warzone: This Meta Hrm-9 Build Is Godly. Win Every Gunfight. Warzone 3 Hrm-9 Best Class Setup

best hrm 9 class

Welcome back to a brand new Call of Duty War Zone article. In today's article, guys, we're checking out the best class up right now for the HRM, 9 SMG. And as well, I'll be showing you guys a gameplay feature in this weapon so you can see how insane this gun truly is. Before we get into the article quickly, if you guys need help getting new contracts or finding players to play with, feel free to join my Discord.

There's tons of great players always running on there, so that is definitely the place to be. So guys, the HRM 9 SMG has actually been one of the best guns I've used recently, especially in season 2. This SMG, especially with my build, has great damage, great range, really good mobility, and accuracy.

And overall, this is definitely the meta SMG right now, and this build specifically is really good for almost every single scenario. It can do well at mid-range, but when it comes to those Close Quarters gunfights, this gun definitely stands out as being one of the best guns in the game. I win so many gunfights with this SMG compared to other SMGs in the game right now, so I definitely recommend you guys trying this gun out because I think you will all love it a lot.

best hrm 9 loadout

So without further ado, let's hop into what attachments I'm rocking on this gun, as well as the gameplay of this weapon. So guys, for the first attachment, we have the Zan 35 compensated flash hider, and I've only really discovered this muzzle recently. Before this i would use ones like the Jack BFB.

Or a silencer. But this one is actually really good for a muzzle. It has a lot better aim down sight speeds than a lot of the muzzles in this game so for an SMG you definitely need that quick aim on sight speed so that alongside, vertical and horizontal recal control and as well the firing a ability while also shortening your radar pings makes this an absolute Beast for a muzzle so definitely use this one if you haven't already because once I discovered this muzzle I've never gone back, the second attachment we have here is the brew and heavy support grip under barrel and this is going to increase our gun kick control our aiming idle sway our horizontal recoil control and our firing aim stability to help us control that recoil a lot in those close to mid-range gunfights.

hrm 9

The third attachment we have here is the 9mm high grain round, and this one is going to increase our bolt velocity and our damage range. Don't worry about the recoil control being lost, because with the rest of these attachments, there's almost no change in recoil control, so all we get from this is just the increased bullet velocity and the damage range to help you guys put out more damage at further ranges.

For the fifth attachment, we have the 50-round drum. Now I use this just because we get a lot more bullets to work with, so we can definitely take down two or three players with these without having to reload this gun at all, and then for the fifth attachment, we have the folding stock. This is going to increase our recoil control, our gun kick control, and our fire aim stability, so overall, with this class up, guys, we have insane fire rate, insane damage, great recoil control and accuracy, and still a lot of mobility and handling.

hrm 9 3

This gun definitely works quickly in those close-core scenarios. You're not being dragged by any kind of slow aim-down sight speeds or sprad-to-fire speeds. This gun actually performs really well in all those scenarios, so you get great damage, great recoil control, and great mobility all in one.

So guys, that's going to wrap it up for the class set portion of today's article. We're going to hop over to the gameplay. If you have not already, you're always welcome to subscribe as well. So, on a future article here on the channel, with all that said and out of the way, we're going to hop into the gameplay portion.

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hrm 9 3 loadout

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Welcome Back! In todays video, I will be showing you guys the BEST class setup right now for the HRM-9 SMG in Warzone right now.
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