News - New Best Hrm-9 After Update Warzone. Best Hrm 9 Class Setup - Warzone 2

best hrm-9 build

Everybody has been giving you the wrong HRM 9 class, but I have created the strongest one in War Zone, so please try this out. Also, I stream on Kick now, so if you guys would like to support me, I would greatly appreciate it if we just hit over 100 followers. So start out with the Sonic suppressors for being undetectable by radar bullet velocity and damage range at the cost of aim walking steiness.

Sprint to fire speed and recoil control, then put on the DR6. Hand stop for aim walking speed and aim down sight speed. Sprint to fire speed and movement speed. You do lose some HIIT fire in attack stand spread and aim walking steadiness, but that is not a big deal. Trust me, this build is absolutely broken, and this is the best possible Next, you're going to put on the 50-round drum; it's just not really worth it to have anything else on here for the war zone; you're just going to run out of bullets way too fast for the rear grip.

Put on the PCS 90 assault grip for gun kick control, gun kick control again, and recoil control at the cost of aiming out, swaying, aiming down, sight speed, and last but not least, putting on the folding stock for recoil control, gunky control, and firing aim stability at the cost of aim-down sight speed.

best hrm-9 class setup

This thing basically replicates Zone 35, with how amazing it is and its very low recoil. The only thing I would say is that regardless of how good you guys are, I will still be careful long-range. You see, I actually did get the target pretty quick, but I don't know how good you guys are with the recoil control for long range, so be careful with your long range engagements.

But here is the entire class setup. Please feel free to take a screenshot, take a picture, whatever you guys have to do, and enjoy this entire game where I popped off with this

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