News - This Hipfire Iso 9mm Class Is "broken" Warzone 2. Vondel Warzone 2

ashika island

Welcome back to another article. PCN gang man, we got a banger 21 kill gang with a brand new ISO 9 mm made a fire HIIT fire bill for it, man. Let's give a shout out to the not gang to my right over here. Let's go for a 50-like goal on this article, man. I know y'all love these hip Fire articles; y'all can do it, man.

Without further ado, let's get into the game. 211, all right, for the class shout-up, I was rocking the FSS cover muzzle, the ISO 45 Factory Barrel, the point G3P laser, the pineapple under barrel, and the 50 round mag. Get the tunes: Ts for the muzzle, we got all the way recoil smoothness all the way bullet velocity for the barrel, we got all the way recoil Ste all the way damage, range for the laser, we got the laser all the way to the hip spread for, 2961 positive, and then for the HP walking speed, we got it down toga.

28 then for the underbarrel, we got it all the way Hip accuracy all the way through HP control; make sure you drop a like on the article. We are going to like this article.

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