News - They Nerfed The Taq Evolvere Warzone 2. Is It Still Good

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It appears they took that a little too overboard, and therefore yesterday there was another small update that was specifically designed to Nerf the stack evolver in both 762 and 556, so in today's quick article we're just going to be going through all of the details of this update.

Taq evolvere 762 recoil nerf

Taq evolvere 762 recoil nerf

And let's just start off with the tack evolver in 762, which is the default ammo type.

The only thing they changed with this is the recoil. Apparently, it was actually bugged and not working as intended with that Tuesday update, because, as you can see, there is practically no recoil with that, whereas now, post-patches, there's definitely some recoil, but it's still very minimal. This is still a very accurate gun that's super easy to control.

I wouldn't say this adjustment is really going to hurt this gun all that much; it's still excellent as it is, and like I said, that's the only thing that changed with the default ammo type, which is 762.

Taq evolvere 556 recoil nerf

Now let's talk about 556. This one caught a few different Nerfs, and the first NERF is to the recoil, and as you can see from the pre-patch, there was definitely more recoil than 762. But post patch, they actually made it just a little bit worse, and as you can see, this isn't a major adjustment by any means there, so that might throw you off a little bit more of a zigzag in there so that might throw you off a little bit it's going to be a bit trickier to control, and also the total magnitude of recoil is a bit higher than pre patch, so definitely 762 is still the better option if you're going for like maximum accuracy, whereas 5.56 will be slightly more difficult to control compared to pre patch, although still not horrible by any means.

556 damage nerfs

556 damage nerfs

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Now, unlike 762, though, that's not the only change that happened with 556. They also adjusted our damage values a little bit, and the first thing they did here was combine the lower torso and lower arm multipliers. With the upper torso and upper arm multiplier that we used to have so now we just have one torso and arm damage which is great because this gun was also bugged out in the past where if you shot somebody through the arm into the upper torso, you would actually get the arm damage rather than the upper torso damage which isn't meant to happen and doesn't happen with other guns in this game so now we just don't have to worry about that since you're dealing the same damage either way so in a way that was actually a buff but they also nerfed the maximum damage values a little bit here and essentially what this means is this used to have a four to seven shot kill potential to the body, now it's a 5 to8 shot kill potential to the body and that might sound like a massive Nerf but I also wanted to show you the ranges and time to kill within those ranges and while the range values themselves didn't change at all this is just a good way to illustrate the power change of the tack evolver in 556.

And honestly, in that maximum damage range, we're still killing in 280 milliseconds. This is still competitive with SMGs in this range. Before this update, the 210 millisecond time to kill was ridiculous; that was way too fast. There are no other full-auto guns that kill this fast to the body. Even something like the WSP Swarm doesn't kill the body that fast, so it was absolutely broken.

Prepatch post patch 28 milliseconds is still very good, so don't write this gun off entirely; it's still excellent up close and personal at mid-ranges. Nothing changed here with our time to kill, and at longer ranges, we are killing a little bit slower at 490 milliseconds. And then finally, there's one last adjustment they made here, and this is to our aim walking speed when using that 5.56, 100-round belt.

Before this update, we had a ridiculous aim walking movement speed of 3.4 m/s, which was actually tied with the fastest aim walking movement speed SMG in the game now, which has been cut down to 3 m/s. Again, this is honestly still an amazing aim walking speed for an LMG; it's just now no longer better than most of the SMGs in the game.

Final thoughts & wrap up

Final thoughts & wrap up

And that's it. That's everything that changed with the tack evolver in this update, and I've got to say these all seem like very appropriate changes. I don't think any of these really nerfed this gun into the ground; it's still an excellent gun, and it's still significantly better than it was before that Tuesday update that we had, so like I said, don't write this gun off entirely; it's still amazing.

It's just not quite as overpowered as it was for that short period of time now. Also, I know many of you guys have been asking where's the next gun guide. That was actually meant to come out today. I will have the first gun guide for the Lockwood 680 coming tomorrow. If you haven't already, I'll talk to you guys

On Tuesday Feb 13th, the TAQ Evolvere saw some huge buffs to both the 7. 62 and 5. 56 versions of the gun but it seems they took it a bit too far as yesterday we saw a small update that included some key nerfs to this LMG. Today, I wanted to share the details of these nerfs as well as my thoughts on the current state of the TAQ Evolvere in Modern Warfare III.
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