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In today's article, I'll be sharing with you my Lachman 556 setup. This setup barely has any recoil and has really good movement speed and ad speed as well, and if you use it, you'll be able to compete in short, medium, and long range gunfights. Let's take a look at the attachments.

Class setup

First off, we have the Lakman S9 factory stock, and we have it maxed out for ads speed and aiming idle stability.

The next attachment we have right here is the LMK 64 grip for the rear grip, and we have it at negative point 48 towards aim downside speed and negative 0.26 towards sprint to fire speed. Our next attachment of choice is going to be the Commando 4 grip for the underbarrel. We have it maxed out at aim downside speed and plus 0.35, towards aiming idle stability.

best lachmann 556 class

Our next attachment of choice is going to be the sock and tread 40, which gives you extra recoil and control, and the tuning on it is Max out for added speed plus Point 16 towards gun kick control to help us with the recoil control. Our last attachment for the Lakman 556 is going to be the Lac 12 Barrel, which gives you an increase in movement speed and ad speed, and the tuning on it is maxed out for week equal steadiness, which is plus 0.50 and negative 0.28, towards aiming downside speed.

I'm not running an optic or an extended magazine, but again, if you guys want to do that, you might want to take off the Commando 4 grip. But this is what I'm running; it doesn't have a lot of sway speed unfortunately, so it's going to feel a little bit heavier, but I decided to focus on accuracy and recoil control, and as you can see, long as you can control that recoil now we gotta reload beautiful as long as you can control that recoil, you can beam people easily, and it does have decent ad speed for an AR.

As you can tell, you can easily switch from one opponent to another, and if we take a look at the recoil pattern, obviously this is going to be me not controlling it. You can see it's not too bad, and it's so easy to control now. Obviously, it's going to take you a couple games to get used to it, but as you can tell, you can easily control it and beam people.



I mean I'm not using the best of weapons, but no, you have a UAV. Andrew Oh, I thought you had died. I would never die in this game. There are people in front of us. No, man, why did I stop shooting for a split second? Damn it, you died too, man. Pokemon one more, You spline here which means they're not spotting here anymore, come on come on come on one Advanced I mean, one off my advanced list, let's go.

I got no bullets though, so let's go ahead for the homies, How did you know she was behind you, man? I think I was on a 16-kill streak or something; I only have 28 kills on my heroes. I'm not doing anything that was too aggressive, and I should have waited for him instead of pushing him like that.

best lachmann 556 class setup mw2

They're on beef, let's go, let's go, two points, two points, we got this, let's go, baby, what a game! I didn't drop the 40, but that was a really good game. You suck; shut up, man. What you did with 16 kills makes you think you're tough because you got nine captures and 16 kills. Let me see if you want something positive.

Let me see pages 16 and 24. So disappointed in you, man,

The ZERO RECOIL Setup You NEED TO USE In SEASON 2 Best Lachmann 556 Class Setup MW2.
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