News - The Season 2 "lachmann 556" Is Unstoppable Warzone 2. Best Lachmann 556 Class Setup -warzone 2

Season 2 lachmann 556 class setup

Season 2 lachmann 556 class setup

Okay, so in this one we're going to be taking a look at my super, super aggressive Lochman 556 build. Think of it as if the MP5 in the AK-47 had a baby. This thing is super fun to use, has super fast aiming on sight and great movement, and what's even better is we get to take part in assault rifle-like gunfights mixed in between.

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best lachmann 556 class

Let's start back here with the rear grip and work our way around the LMK 64 that's going to give you sprint to fire speed and name down sight speed. You're going to see kind of a routine with these attachments; they're all focused around moving and aiming down sight speed with some minor exceptions with the tuning, but because it's a super aggressive build, you need those tendencies, so the tuning we have is plus 0.48 towards your request for steadiness and negative 0.30 towards our sprint to fire speed for the stock LMK.

You're going to want the Lochman S9 Factory for sprint speed and walking speed. Crouch movement speed is called down sight speed. One of the more important attachments to the build in order to make it SMG is the tuning on that one, which is going to be negative 2.84 towards your aim down sight speed, and then we got negative 0.70 towards our aim walking speed, the laser, the FSS OLED for aim down sight speed aiming stability, and sprint to fire speed, where you're going to want it to be negative 0.24 towards your sprint to fire speed, negative 27.97.

To the aim down side speed for the barrel, we have it locked well for movement at aim down sight speed. You can't see there that we are taking off a bit of bullet velocity and recoil control, which, if I'm being honest, has no recoil at all. That bullet velocity isn't a massive deal because we're not chasing those super-far gunfights, but a big positive is that we're not losing any damage range in the process.

The tuning here is plus 0.15 toward your equal steadiness and negative 0.28 toward your torturous downside speed. Our last attachment is the FJX Falcon Pro, our only attachment for recoil control for vertical and horizontal shooting. Basically, all you need in order for this weapon to have zero recoil whatsoever is the tuning of -0.26 toward your aimed outside speed and +0.20 toward the gun kick control.

I am 100 percent going to let the gameplay over on Mercado speak for itself on this one; it's an absolute blast running around the map with this weapon. I'm telling you, think of the Peacekeeper, 2.0.

Lachmann 556 gameplay

Lachmann 556 gameplay

Okay, we are frying. I actually really enjoy this build that I put together. This thing has a decent, effective damage range. Well, I didn't expect him to peek there; I didn't even hear him, actually. We have a good effective damage range, but what I think makes it the best part

Best Lachmann 556 Class Best Lachmann 556 Class Setup. The SEASON 2 "LACHMANN 556" is UNSTOPPABLE in Modern Warfare 2! Best Lachmann 556 Class Setup -MW2. Timecodes.
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