News - I Turned The Lachmann 556 Into The Best Smg Warzone 2. Best Lachmann 556 Class Setup & Tunings

556 mw2

Lockman 556, the class setup in Modern Warfare 2, is actually an SMG. I've circled back to my baby, the 50GS; this is the best class setup for this by the way we have the 50GS, wood grain, and the FGX die had 70 laser, the SA long shot 50 barrel, the SA hair trigger, and the 13-round magazine; the tunings are in the 50GS; the class setup article that I posted a while back; this thing is absurd.

I think this might be the best pistol in Modern Warfare 2. Tactical is a stun lethal, a Semtex Perk Package One, as always, Double Time Battle Art, and Fast Hands. Quick-fix-fueled upgrades Dead Silence Munitions Box, and now on to Lockman 556. But let's start off by talking about some things that I said in the introduction that I would like to clarify because, while they aren't necessarily true, they might come off as a little bit misleading in the way they were presented, or had to have been presented honestly, according to Lochman 556.

Compared to the other ARS, this is the least damage-dealing AR; that is just a fact; do not interpret that as meaning that the gun does not do damage; it does; it is like a force that got killed on average after five shots if you're taking hella, long-range gunfights; five shots in Modern Warfare 2 sounds like a lot of shots to kill but like take into account the fiery I also need you to factor in that if you hit headshots, this thing fries.

best lachmann 556 class

People, I said we're going to turn this thing into an SMG. How do you make things into SMGs? You make them faster. By the time we're all said and done with these attachments, the lockerman 556 is going to have better handling statistics than some of the SMG builds I've done class setups on. This is honestly the only rear grip I would recommend.

The other rear grips are both Flinch resistance grips, which, honestly, I think are completely worthless. I don't see either of the other grips as being beneficial in the slightest for the lockman 556. Coming into the rear, grip tuning completely Max it out for aim-down sight speed and sprint-to-fire speed going up to the stock, using the Lockman S9 factory stock; this is sprint speed and walking speed.

best lachmann 556 class setup mw2

Crouch movement speed and aim down sight speed—you know what all those have in common? The word "speed" Coming into the stock tuning, I have it maxed out for aim down sight speed and then aiming idle stability. Coming up to the barrel we have on the lock 12 barrel, this is the movement speed it is aimed at for the sight speed barrel, and honestly, the penalties for this barrel aren't that bad either.

We're losing a little bit of bullet velocity and recoil, which affects control, but that's honestly not that bad generally. Whenever you have a movement barrel, you're also losing damage range, which is like the biggest problem, because whenever you're taking more bullets to kill, that's the problem, and then coming into the barrel tuning, you can even tune the barrel for more damage range, and then I have it tuned for recoil and steadiness, too, and then the fifth attachment, this is the one I was kind of iffy about because I don't want to take away from the aimed on sight speed.

best lachmann 556 loadout mw2

I just kind of really default towards suppressors as my fifth attachment in Modern Warfare 2. I think they're kind of a crutch, especially because people in this game are really dumb because they don't look at the mini map in this game because there's no reason to, so they're just really kind of dumb whenever it comes to their surroundings, but I have on the Echolus 80 suppressor, which has sound suppression, bullet velocity, damage range, recoil, smoothness, and then I have it tuned for frame rate, sight speed, and bullet velocity.

If you're not into suppressors, the 40-round mag is cool, and the 60-round mag is cool especially; on this gun, it's kind of Mimi, but that's about it. If you're not going to use the suppressor, I would recommend one of the magazines. I actually had a lot of fun using this thing, and surprisingly, this thing actually does have better mobility and handling statistics than a lot of the SMGs you can build in this game.

I'm not going to try to explain that. I'm just going to tell you how it is. Like I said in the intro, I upload every day. I hope you guys have a great day. After the article ends, I'll talk to you guys in tomorrow's article, "Boys and Girls of Pizza." My I'm yawning because the matches tonight have sucked.

best mw2 lachmann 556 class

Somebody's firing off jokes; this is going to be another match; it's boring, and they have shot again. It's like one of my What am I doing here? What am I doing? What am I doing? What are we doing? Why are they spawning here? What are we doing? They're spawning right beside me. What are we doing?

Why are we here? I'm so lost. I just don't understand how it's just a perfect combination of the other team being annoying and just my teammates not doing dick like I'm getting pissed on and I'm double-flagged the next closest person to my team like I like to be dramatic for comedic effects. No, I'm literally double-flagged for the next closest person on my team.

If my bullets just don't go to that part of whatever the math is for that particular part of the map, I just can't shoot there if it's a gun-free zone. Again, I'm double-dragging the next closest person on my team; they know I'm coming here. I just can't do anything. I'm going to be physically ill. I'm actually going to puke.

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