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Lachmann 556 class setup

Lachmann 556 class setup

Okay, so we're going to be taking a very similar approach to kind of the trend I've been going on; we're not going to be running a barrel here on the Lockman 556 in order to increase the aim-down sight speed and mobility of the weapon. Now, barrels are very effective in war zones as you need to take very long fights, but over here in multiplayer, it's, kind of, not really a big deal.

You're never going to be in a situation where you're taking part in a 60-meter gunfight; most of the maps aren't even that big unless you're playing ground war. Most of your fights are going to be stuck in the medium range, especially here with the Lochman 556. So let's get going through the attachments.

best lachmann 556 class

Here I have a pretty good set up for you guys. We're going to start up here with a laser sight, the FSS or EV laser, which is my favorite attachment in the game because the only con is that it's visible in ads, but we get it aimed out with site speed, aiming stability, and sprint to fire speed. Now we're heading over here to a muzzle device.

I have the FSS Covert V, which is going to give you sound suppression bullet velocity and recoil smoothness, which gives me that ability to stay off the map. I have the EX Backdraft grip. I've never used this thing; this is my first time experimenting with it, and I really did enjoy it. We get recoil steadiness, aim stability, walking steadiness, hip-fire accuracy, and hip recoil control, obviously.

Those are a bunch of great positives that hip fire accuracy and recoil control are going to come in handy when you get into a close range encounter, and then of course, the recoil sending is an aim walking study that will help you in the longer range fight, so an overall well-rounded choice of underbarrel here for the tuning, negative 0.34 towards your hip walking speed, and negative 0.21 towards the aim down sight speed, finishing this off or.

I'm sorry, not finishing this off. We're running the 40-round mag here just to pick up some extra kills, and now finishing us off with the Fort Mobile stock. Crouch movement speed, sprint speed, and aim down sight speed—and we're going to be finishing the tuning here—negative 4.0, towards your aimed outside speed, and negative 1.32, towards the aim walking speed, all right?

So same little disclaimer here for my ptsw article. I recorded these on the exact same day; I recorded two articles in one day, and my microphone was having all sorts of issues. It was recording my audio; it was recording my voice, but it was so deathly quiet that it wasn't even picking up a lot of words.

I don't really understand what's going on; nonetheless, we're heading over to the Embassy. It's an absolutely banging game that you're going to want to watch all the way through. It's the easiest and most effective way to support the channel, and it is completely free to do so. It will help spread the article to other people looking for this absolutely banging setup, so without further ado, let's get over to the gameplay.

I hope you enjoy it.

In this video I will be using my updated class setup for the lachmann 556 assault rifle in modern warfare 2 multiplayer. This class setup features no barrel in order to increase mobility and aim down sight speed. Make sure to jump into game and try this build in cod mw2! Timecodes.
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