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2024 road map

you're right, everyone, and welcome back to a brand new YouTube article. I hope you're all having an amazing day now. In today's article, we will be covering the 2024 Road Map for Modern Warfare 3. We'll be going over the future events and crossover events for Modern Warfare 3, as well as other maps that will be added to the game, such as Rebirth Island, and much more.

If the information in today's article helps you out in any way, feel free to subscribe with notifications turned on, as it really does help me out now, just before we get into any of these topics. I just want to say the vortex event is currently out. If you are trying to get the magma camel, I'd highly recommend checking out my recent article.

We talk about the event tab, which players can't see, and also not being able to claim your awards. That article also includes more information on CDL skins and ranked play, so I'd highly recommend checking that out now. Other than that, getting straight onto the 2024 content road map, we have season 1 reloaded, which will drop on January 17th.

From this, we will have a load of new things being added to Modern Warfare 3. The first thing is two new maps, one of them being Rio, which is a 6v6 multiplayer map, and also a new 2v2 gunfight map. Now for all of you DMZ and zombie players, there is a new thing called a weapon case being added to the map.

2024 update road map

My guess is that there would be good weapons in these weapon cases, which would help you kill the bigger bosses or even fight in the Tier 3 Zone. Not only will zombie X-ville streaks be added to the game, but it is currently unknown what they will release. After all of this, we then have two new guns being added to Modern Warfare 3.

The first one is the HMR 9, which is the SMG, and also the tack evolver, which looks pretty good, and that is a LMG. We do have the Boys V the 7 event, which is where you will pick up different field upgrades off the floor that will give you different perks. We will have this event in Modern Warfare 2, and it includes super jump laser vision, instant teleport, and electric discharge.

all mw3 2024 content

There will also be a game mode for this known as the soup do mode, and then for this crossover event, we have two new operators called Train and Firecracker. Now, finally, we are going to be talking about rank play. Ranking play is going to arrive on multiplayer on the 17th of January. Ranking plate is going to consist of three different game modes: hardpoint control and snd, just a normal game mode for every other card.

For the maps, we have Highrise Invasion Karachi Skidrow, Terminal, and Subbase. And the ranking system should be like the previous card: the more Sr you get, the higher rank you will eventually be, and when you do get to the higher ranks, you will lose Sr per game, but that is normal for most cards.

It isn't definite yet, but if I do get any more information on this, I will make a article very shortly. Now that the ranked rewards have already been announced, you get a different skin and emblem for each rank you do get in now, not only if you are a grinder and you do get to the top 250. You will get an emblem and banner just like they're shown on the screen.

cod 2024 news

From what we can see here, there will also be seasons and exclusive rewards like cam, Moving on from this, we do have the next big event, which will be the season 2 update. Now, just from doing a bit of research, we can see that this is supposed to be here on February 7th. We haven't got loads of information on season 2, however.

I have found a few things on Twitter, one of them being the Modern Warfare 3 season 2 leaked alien boss, and this does look pretty cool now for all of you war zone players. We can see that ranked play will be coming in season 2, as Detonated did tweet War Zone. Ranking play is coming with season 2; the earliest multiplayer ranked play arrives on January 17th, with season 1 reloaded to clear up confusion.

For me, it would have to be War Zone now getting on to the final leg of season 2. Detonated has tweeted that two new weapons have been rumored for season 2; leakers claim there is a bow and also a sword, and fans speculate these are connected to the rumor of the Walking Dead crossover. Now, other than that, that is all we have for season 2.

cod 2024 update

When we get closer to season 2, I'm sure we will see a lot more updates, and once this is the case, I'll make a article closer to the time explaining everything. Moving on from this, it is confirmed that, for fortune's sake and rebirth, Island will be returning to the war zone. There isn't a confirmed date, but if I were to guess fortunes, Keep should come around March to April, and then Rebirth Island should come later on in the year, like June or July.

I am pretty excited for this. I used to play a lot of Rebirth Island, so I'm glad this is coming back. Other than that, that was the whole article. I hope you enjoyed it once again. If you do enjoy this content, I appreciate you watching. Take it easy. Have a great day and peace.

In this video I am showing you what is being added to MW3 in 2024, Including rebirth, fortunes keep and much more.
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