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best vaznev 9k class

Warzone with season 2 reloaded dropping today and the lockman sub getting a nerf, the vasnif, 9K, is now the clear meta, so in today's article, we're going to break down the meta version of the 9K class setup. Let's get into it. So jumping straight into the buildup, we are going to be throwing on a muzzle and we want to use the brew and pendulum.

This thing is going to give us horizontal and vertical recoil, making this thing very easy to use, and I know it does seem a little bit weird to be throwing this on an SMG, but trust me, this thing is going to be very diverse and allow us to use this thing in many different situations. And for the tuning on the Bruin pendulum, we've already maxed out the gun kick control as well as the recoil stabilization, making this gun basically recoil and just feel very good overall.

best vaznev 9k class warzone 2

Next up, pairing gray with the Bruin pendulum. Is going to be the cast-one-barrel thing; this thing is going to give us damage range, hipfire accuracy, and bullet velocity, making this gun an absolute hitter from medium range. If we get into a mid-range fight and they are using some other SMG. Build, there is no shot; they're going to be able to gun you with this thing, and for the tuning on the cast barrel, we do want to max the recoil, steadiness, and damage range just further increasing the diversity of this weapon and, like I said, making it an absolute beamer for medium range, so now that these first two attachments are going to get rid of aim down sight speed, we do need something to make up for that, and that is going to be the FSS.

Old V-laser: This laser does give the biggest buffs to aim down sight and sprint to firing speed at a voltage of 9K. It's also going to give us some aiming stability, which is a nice little bonus. This is going to allow us to have a very snappy, aim-down sight speed while maintaining a very good recoil, control, and damage range for the laser.

We want to max the sprint to fire as well as the aim down sight speed because these are two very important stats to have on any SMG build you will be using. We'll get right back into the buildup next. We do need a little bit more mobility, so we're going to be going with the Ultrazad. Stock This thing is going to increase our aim, walking, and sprint speed, making this versatile 9K build the most diverse SMG in all of War Zone 2.

best vaznev 9k loadout

And for the stock tuning, we are already maxed. Then aim for walking and aim down sight speed because we do want to get as much mobility as we possibly can out of this thing, and for the last attachment, we do now need a magazine. We don't want to worry about reloading all the time, so we're going to be slapping on the 45-round magazine, and with the fast hands per se, which I do recommend you use, we are going to have a great reload speed as well as a very large magazine.

If you're not much of a quad with your trios players and you're going to be playing solos or duos, you could honestly swap the magazine for the true tag grip just to further increase the sprint to fire and aim down sight speed. If you are going to be doing that, I would recommend tuning in to sprint to fire as well as aim down sight speed, and you will have an insanely snappy aim down sight speed.

Here's the full metal vaznav.

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