News - The "no Recoil" M13b Is Insane Warzone 2. Best M13b Setup" Ashika Island

ashika island

So in today's Ashiga, Island gameplay decided to shout out the M13 assault rifle again because it received some small changes with the season 3 update. Parts of the M13 were actually buffed while other parts were nerfed, so I'm not really sure if it was a buff or a Nerf overall for the M13. The changes include the headshot damage being slightly reduced and Woodward's torso damage being slightly increased.

With that being said. The bug where it doesn't let you fly up if you're getting in too quickly and the bug where it deploys your flares when you don't press the flare button—both of those bugs were in Warzone one on the helicopters. So it even further proves my point that this game was essentially just an asset flip; the same bugs that were in Warzone One with the helicopters are in this game.

I've got some things going on here, boys. I'm sorry, I'm just a little focused. You know, I'm just so focused, and it's wine in this game of Call of Duty. I can't reach out right now or talk about anything because they are just so focused and

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