News - The Next Best Shotgun Was Buffed, Again. Bryson 800 - 2 Shot Monster (warzone)

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At this point. I totally understand, but as you'll see in the little bit of gameplay that I have on some instances, when I challenge someone with a lock with 300, they either hit their shot barely or they kind of miss their shot entirely, and I end up getting the drop on them with something like the Bryson 800, which is kind of funny to me since the time to kill isn't the greatest on that thing, but today's article is going to be focused on the Bryson 800.

I know a lot of people aren't even bothering to touch it at this point because, again, the locker 300 is a sort of meta thing everyone wants to touch because of its one-shot potential. But eventually that is going to get nerfed again; I'm sure it will, as will the brass and 800. A lot of people haven't been talking about this, but it did in fact get buffed in one of the most recent updates, and its two-shot range is now even better than it was now.

It's not like it was in season 3 reloaded, where it was two-shotting out to like 15 M or something ridiculous. I missed those days. No, it's still not as good as that, but it is better than it was, and so today's article is dedicated to the Bryson 800 and why you should give it a try, especially if you're getting a little bit tired of just having to rely on the lock with the 300. If that sounds good to you, let's just go ahead and get into it first.

New 2 shot range and stats

New 2 shot range and stats

We're going to check out Sim. GD to kind of go over the ranges real quick so right now as you'll see the base gun if we have it set to 300 health which I do, you can see its two shot range is usually this first drop off and you can see here it's 6 1/2 M, this is your twoot range for the gun now it was previously 5.8, so as you can see it almost got a meter increase to it and at the same time the Bryson 890 also did get a little bit of a Nerf so it's not on par with the Bryson 800 anymore which I'm glad to see I'm glad there's more discrepancy between the two now but the thing is if you K this thing out for range if you're using the rifle barrel something like the sa mx50, your two shot goes out to 9.1.

Is pretty good and does make for some fun engagements, and I just like using things besides dragon's breath I'm kind of burnt out on Dragon's Breath no pun intended so this is nice to see having that potential of 9.1 MERS is pretty gnarly now normally I rock the Bryson choke which doesn't give you any more range unless you tune it a little bit and that is still 8.2.

Best class

Best class

M which in my opinion is still awesome and this is way better than it was at the halfway point of season 5 so this is a great change to see and I'm very happy with it as for a class you can check out this is the one I had from my last article which is the hitfire build, which if you didn't see my last article go check it out they basically stealth buffed, the hit fire on this shotgun and the other pump action as well as the lock what it seems like maybe some of the other shotguns but it's not as noticeable.

And so this is the hitfire build for that, but for this one, all you have to really do is switch that Cronin Grov Shaw grip for that demo x50 tactical pump if you want to get a good R of fire boost. Now, it's not going to make or break the gun, but I did notice a lot of people like rocking that attachment, and I do as well.

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Sometimes I just feel that over the cron and groove shot, and since your hip fire is already super tight without the groove shot, it's not mandatory, so you can swap that out for something like the demo x50 tactical, but if you want pure hit fire, of course this is the build I would go for.

Overall thoughts

As for my thoughts on these changes.

And even though you are still going to get demolished by the lock with 300 There are instances where you can challenge them and defeat them, especially if you're pushing that 6-meter range where it's very hard for them to get their one-shot kill unless they have dragon breath. Maybe you'll win the gunfight again.

It's kind of a tossup because of that one potential they have, but don't be scared. Challenge them just go for it. At this point, whatever you're probably going to get killed by the lock with a lot more until it gets nerfed again. So that's about going to do it for this article, guys. Watch what I just saved, your.

Challenge the One Shot Lockwood with the amazing 2 shot Bryson 800! I know, it's not a one shot, but it is still strong and it got BUFFED in the last update. The range is now better than it has been and it's a great shotgun you need to use.
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