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Yo, today we are returning to Modern Warfare 2. We've got a crazy build for you today, so drop the nuke, and we're going to be showing you class setup right here. First off. I just want to mention if you have been watching; as we all know, "Model for Two: Multiplayer" has been quite dry; they also took away shipment, and season one has just felt like it's been going on forever.

There are still 18 days left in this season before we get a new one, and hopefully the content is actually good. I feel like we haven't really gotten much in this season, and all the maps that we have gotten are pretty much just remakes with nothing original yet, like there just really hasn't been anything in here once.

Again, I'm very sorry about the uploads. I stream twice a day, streaming a lot of different Call of Duty multiplayer games and also zombies at night on Black Ops 3.

M4 class setup

best m4

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, we do have our M4 class set up here with five different attachments. I've always used an ELO, the Reflex, or whatever you want to call it, but this time we are using the iron sight, so we were able to put on an extra attachment to this weapon, so today here we are going to give you the tuning as well as the first attachment, which is the RF Crown 50.

This RF Crown 50 muzzle is going to give you horizontal and vertical recoil control, aim-down sight speed, and aiming stability. Go ahead and get into the tune. The tune here goes all the way down to the aim down sight speed, and then on the bottom, it's very, very close to aiming idle stability, but it's at negative 0.30, and this is going to give you a boost to your accuracy and recoil control, of course.

The second attachment here is the Phase 3 grip under the barrel. This grip is going to give you idle stability. Hip fire accuracy and recoil stabilization cons Walking at sight speed, we get into the groove on this one left side. It is close to recoil stabilization (0.44, bottom 0.17), closer to aiming for idle stability.

best m4 class

It's going to give you an insane boost to your accuracy and a boost to your recoil control. Their attachment does not have any tuning, so you could just throw it on the FSS or the Ole V laser. This is going to give you aim-down sight speed and aiming stability. Sprint to fire speed; cons: laser, visibility, and ads; not the biggest deal in that con.

The fourth attachment here is the Rage 8 stock. This stock is going to give you crouch movement speed, sprint speed, and aim down side speed; cons are recoil and control. We get into the groove on this one; the left side is close to the aim down side speed of negative 2.84, and at the bottom, we have it close to the aim idle stability of 1.47.

This is going to give you a boost to your mobility and handling, which will help quite a bit. The fifth and final attachment here is the second ZX rear grip, which is going to give you recoil control and aiming stability. We get into the tune here; we have it all the way up to recoil steadiness, and at the bottom, we have it all the way over to aiming item stability.

This is going to give a boost to your recoil control quite a bit, and that is going to do it for the five attachments on our M4. Today, copy it and give it a go.

M4 firing range

M4 firing range

Of course, we'll go over to the firing range here, and you can see that aiming down sights is very, very fast for the M4, and this is very good. You shoot that, and then you can shoot that. The recoil control is really, really good for close and mid-range, and if you're playing an extremely long-range map, you could probably hit that guy too.

Secondary and perks

Back there, alright guys, for the rest of the day, put the p890 pistol in our back pockets. Claymore, our perk package here includes double-time scavenger, fast hands, and quick fix, and then we finally have the ammo box on for field upgrades and are going to do it for our M4 setup.

M4 nuke gameplay

What kind of position did I put myself in?

best m4 class setup

Okay, we got teammates, thank God. You go first, buddy; they didn't go. Chill, my jump scared me; he may shoot at me with the world's pistols. Thank God, I freaking chose to play a different map. Holy fricking man, whoever recommended I get an offshoot house, thank you. That was way too stressful, man, just to get a freaking singular nuke, the first nuke of the day, yes, the first nuke of the day that I had to work so incredibly hard for.

Now I can get off this freaking game and enjoy some zombies, or I'll take even more Ls on zombies and just go down and die and lose the game. I thought they were about to win the game, though that's funny, but holy frick, 43 kills plus the new kills that don't count almost took an L right there, and that would have been very sad (43-4)

The NEW META "M4" in MW2 is INSANE! Best M4 Class Setup Modern Warfare 2.
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