News - The New Bp50 Has The Fastest Ttk Warzone. Best Bp50 Class Setup

best bp50 build

The BP50 is the newest AR in the War Zone. It also has the fastest time to kill out of all of the long-range guns, and on top of that, it also has incredibly low recoil. In fact, the recoil pattern just goes straight up, making it incredibly easy to control. Unfortunately, it only has a 45-round mag, making it a little bit harder to utilize in trios and quads.

After I leveled this gun up. I hopped into a fortune keep to just try it out, and I ended up winning a solo squad, so I am going to be using that gameplay, but unfortunately there's no commentary, so if you just want to see some good gameplay, stick around if you came for the class setup. I'll leave that up on your screen right now.

This is what I thought to be the overall best build for aggressive play styles, but if you want to get a little bit more range out of it, switch off the heavy support grip for the Coro Eagle Eye 2.5. Both classes are incredible, and it really does not change it too much by taking off the underbarrel.

Hopefully this helps you guys out, and I'll catch you guys in the next article. H mosquito is,

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