News - New "meta" Bp50 After Update Warzone 3. Best Bp50 Class Setup - Warzone 2

best bp50 build

The BP50 with the conversion kit now has a faster time to kill and mobility than any SMG in the game, so I'm going to break down every single attachment that you need to be running to make it the best secondary weapon in War Zone 3. So jumping straight into the first attachment, we obviously want to start with the conversion kit, which basically turns this thing into an SMG.

As you can see, we do get a huge increase to every single mobility stat, along with a rate of fire increase, a sprint of fire, a sprint of fire, and a down sight speed buff, making the BP50 an absolutely broken SMG. Next up, we do want something to increase our overall handling on this build, so with that being said, we're going to throw on the Cima laser light, and it's going to do exactly that, giving us a 133% decrease in aim-down sight speed and 19% of the sprint of fire time, making this BP50 build the quickest secondary weapon in the entire game.

Now, we do want to go ahead and throw a rear grip onto the build, and the one we are going to be running is the first. IV grip tape is giving us a 10% decrease to the recoil gun kick as well as about 7% of the horizontal and vertical recoil, which is going to make this build super easy to use because it's going to have very little recoil.

best bp50 class setup

We post the best war zone 3 loadouts every single day, and right now, over 96%. Giving this build very little visual recoil while still staying the fastest secondary weapon at the same time, here's the full metab bp50 class setup for War Zone 3 season 3, the new best secondary weapon in the game right now, and using this build.

I dropped a 35-kill game on Rebirth Island, so without further ado, let's get into

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