News - The Bp50 Is Godly After Update. Warzone 3



In today's article, I got 37 kills with the best BP50 and class setup. The BP50 is a really fun gun to use, and honestly, I think it's the best sniper support option out of pretty much all the ARs and SMGs. The gun has really low recoil, great movement, and it also has really good range, allowing you to get those kinds of medium-range gun fights that you can't get with some of the other subs if you're trying to use this as a sniper.

Class setup

support for the first attachment we're going to be chucking on the Lore 9 heavy barrel. The reason we're using this is because it's going to help with our bullet velocity and our damage range, and it's also going to help with our gun kit control, allowing us to do the most damage from far away, like I said in those medium-range gunfights, and also help to control the recoil at those same ranges.

best bp50 class

The main con that you get by using this barrel is that it torches your hip fire spread, which is honestly something you're not really going to use on this gun for attaching number two. We're going to be talking about the Zen-compensated flash hider. Now I know that this does torch a little bit of your bullet velocity, moving around 5 or so% of the bullet velocity, but to be honest with you guys, in those short- to medium-range gunfights, you don't notice it that much, and this muzzle does wonders when it comes to The recoil control removes 15% of the vertical recoil and 5% of the recoil; it also barely slows down the ad speed, allowing us to keep that same kind of SMG deal.

For attaching at number three, we're going to be chucking on the DR6, hand stopping for a little bit of faster ad speed, and also helping us with that movement speed again. This is one of those attachments, and the main con is the hip-fire spread, meaning that we get basically all these pros for nothing now before I show you guys the rest of the class.

Also, the new war zone ranked season starts tomorrow on Rebirth Island, and I'm going to be boosting up ranked accounts all season long. You guys are welcome to log into your account and boost your rank up to iridescent, or whatever it may be. Just join the Discord in the description to attach a number for when to check it on the CON 30 padded stock.

The reason we're using this is because it's going to help with our sprint speed; it's going to help with our movement speed; and it's going to also help with our aim walking speed. The cool thing about this attachment is that we're also getting pretty much all these bonuses for nothing because the main con to it is that it's idle.

It's honestly not something you notice; these pros are super worth it, and then lastly, for attach number five, we're going to be chucking on the 45-round mag. By default, this gun only has a 30-round mag, which is simply not enough, so we have to use the 45-round mag.

37k gameplay

37k gameplay

It's probably a pain to have to haul everything. I don't think I've ever had an Arnold Palmer that crazy. Chad, I've never had an Arnold Palmer. That guy's not playing okay, not mad at it, to be honest, with how these lobbies have been not mad at. It needs their AR ammo; are they just like

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