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call of duty

It is your boy's stimmy. Two times back at you again today with another MW3 War Zone article, and in today's article guys, we got a special one because we are doing the John Wick Loadout challenge in War Zone 3, and I did my research to see which weapons Keo Reeves used in the movie, and I found two weapons, the ca1 145, aka the M4 in War Zone, and the Sig MPX, which is the bass P.

So, this challenge was kind of fun. I will have the loadouts in there if you want to try this challenge yourself, and if that does piss off your interest. I'll catch you all on the next one. Then, Intel, before they go offline, yep, enemies are dropping into the area. Watch the skies. Yeah, my fans get here tomorrow, but I won't have it.

I mean, I could theoretically hook two of them up, but I'm not going to do that until I get a bit of enemies dropping into the

In todays video we give you The JOHN WICK Challenge In Warzone 3. I really hope yall enjoy! Never Miss A Video! Click The.
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