News - 2 Shot "meta" Sva 545 Rebirth Island. Warzone 2

best sva 545 class

Yes, people, and welcome back to a brand new YouTube article. In today's article, I've got you 20+ kills of gameplay using the SVA. 545: This gun is by far one of the best ARs to be using right now. You want to make sure you have this gun in burst mode, and it absolutely works. Before we get into today's article, the class setup will be at the end.

As we are on the road to 2,000 subscribers, let's jump straight into it. One guy left chat, and we will take those 21 kills now. As you can see, this gun absolutely beams. We had the SVA, 545, HRM 9, smoke grenades, throwing knives, and the perk package. For the perk package, I have double Tom Mountaineer tempered and higher.

These are definitely the best perks to be using right now on Rebirth Island. Now getting on to the main gun itself. The first attachment you do want is the STV Precision barrel. For the second attachment, you do want the Zen 35, compensated, flash hide, and muzzle to get onto the underbar. Right now, you do want the Brewing heavy support grip.

best sva 545 class mw3

This will increase your reco control, making it so you can shoot a lot straighter. For your fourth attachment, you do want the 60-round mag, making sure you have enough bullets in that magazine to kill the whole enemy team. For the final attachment, the optic, I do use the Coro Eagle 2.5x. But it's all about preference; you can change this if you want to.

I would highly recommend using this, though I think it absolutely beams. That was the whole article. I hope you enjoyed it. I appreciate you watching. Take it easy. Have a great day and

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