News - New #1 Class Setup For The Sva 545 Warzone 2. Best Sva 545 Build / Loadout

best mw3 sva 545 class

In today's article, we're going to be checking out my brand new SVA 545 class setup in Modern Warfare 3. Let's try to get this article to 55 likes. I'd highly appreciate it. It helps out the channel a bunch. In this class setup or in this article, I have two gameplays for you guys, so make sure to stick around for that.

On the secondary, we're going to be going with the retti. Tactical is the stem lethal system; field upgrade is the Munitions box, scavenger gloves, covert sneakers, and EOD padding over on the vest. We're going to be going with a demolition vest; this gives us resupply and two lethals. Now let's jump straight into the class setup.

Over on the stock, we're going to be going with the FSS Ravager 45 stock for aimed sight speed, hit fire, stance spread, and sprint to fire speed. Over on the cons, it takes away aiming. Auto-sway gun kick control and recoil control are over on the rear grip. We're going to be going with a demo at 650 grip for firing aim stability.

Gun kick control and recoil control take away a little bit of idle aiming. Sway and over on the mag. This is my personal preference. I am going with the 45-round mag. You do have to be careful, though. If you like 30 rounds, you can just keep the standard mag, but you do lose a little bit of aimed-on side speed.

best sva 545 class

reload quickness spin to fire speed and aim walking speed, but I think it's okay, like you don't really notice it too much, and the 45 rounds are really useful whenever you're trying to pub stomp over on the muzzle. We're going with the L4R flash hider muzzle for muzzle flash concealment, recoil control, and gun kick control.

You lose a little bit of aim downside speed, and over on the barrel, we're going to be going with the STV Precision Barrel, which gives you aiming out, sway bullet velocity, range, gun kick control, and recoil control. You lose a little bit of aim-down sight speed, hitfire, attack stance spread, and aim-walking speed.

Like I said, I have two game plays for you guys, and in these two game plays, I ended up dropping a nuke in each of them; one was a hardpoint nuke, and one of them was on TDM. So you definitely want to stick around and watch those; it was actually really, really crazy. I actually never thought I would be playing on this map, but here we are.

best sva 545 class mw3

I am going to be using the SVA 4 545 today. I played this map one other time, and I went on a 13-kill streak and died. I said I would never play it again, but it keeps popping up in the rotation. What did I do? Hear that guy? I'm running 29 now, and I'm getting stunned. There's a nuke right there.

This is my first ever nuke on this map, too. I did play a little ready, but I had to, like I did. I literally didn't know this, Map. I actually ended up getting a nuke, and I didn't even really want to go for one. I just wanted to get kills and give you a little extra game play, but that's a TDM nuke.

That's my first ever TDM

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