News - The " Best " Rpk Build Warzone 2. Best Setup & Tuning Rpk Mw2

best mw2 rpk class

ER, 26 kills in solos with the RPK LNG, and let me tell you right now, this gun is absolutely broken. It needs a Nerf gun ASAP. It's way too good, especially. All right, guys, jump on the board with the RPK set up for today's article, the muzzle. We're going to rock the Zor talent five for the enhanced sound depression, bull velocity, enhanced damage range, and recourse smoothness.

We're losing aiming outside speed and aimixability, but we will pick those up somewhere else. Don't worry about jumping on board with the tuning for the RPK muzzle. We're going to put it at 1.40 ounces towards recoil smoothness to reach maximum recoil smoothness, and then 1.0 edges towards bull velocity for enhanced bull velocity.

Jumping on board with the underbarrel for the rpk is going to be the f-tack reaper 56 for the enhanced amino stability hit by accuracy and recoil, stabilization, or the tuning on the f-tack. Ripper, we're going to put it at plus point 80 ounces towards recoil stabilization to reach maximum recoil stabilization and plus point 40 inches towards aiming auto-stability for maximum stability.

best rpk class

Jumping on board with the ammunition for the RPK, we're going to run the 762 High Velocity for the enhanced velocity. On the rpk or the tuning for high velocity, we're putting it on max damage or max recoil, sending this to negative 0.70 grams, and max recoil sending this to negative 9.0 grains. as well as the reason why: we don't need any more damage range, and we don't need more bullet velocity because the bullet velocity is already incredible on the RPK.

Run it like this, and it makes it an absolute freaking laser. Jumping on board with the rear grip for the RPK, we're going to run the demo X2 grip for that enhanced recoil control to make this thing an absolute beast for the tuning on the rear grip. We're going to set the match recoil stiffness at plus 1.0 ounces and the maximum aiming out of stability at plus 0.45 inches.

If you don't care about the amino stability, you can put this right at the fire speed, but personally, I like it. I like that it maxed out on aiming for disability as well. Jumping on board with the optic from today's article, this optic is different; it's my personal favorite optic over the amount V4; they're both very similar.

best rpk class modern warfare 2

I just like this one a little bit more. We're rocking the SC recharge, DX. This shitgun has got to get nerfed; it is so good. This guy's going to play in this building. Yep, he's up there; he doesn't see me, though. Take the cash out. I just said, "Yeah, sure." I don't get the idea, but it's true.

Like, where I live, Louise, like that would be meaningful to her. I would buy her a purse or something, you know,

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