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youtubers. We're going to rock the lock-shot KT-85 muzzle for the enhanced vertical and horizontal recoil control, but the tuning on this is that we're going to go up towards recoil stabilization over to the right towards gun kick controls. For recoil stabilization, we're going to put 0.67 ounces, and for gun key control, we're going to put 0.23 inches.

So I'm going to board with our second attachment for the RPK setup. We're going to rock another barrel. We used to rock the F-TAC River 56, which is really good, but this thing does have a good bit of recoil now after the Nerf, so it's absolutely crucial that we rock the Locker Precision 40 under barrel with enhanced hip-hop accuracy and aim.

walking steadiness Eight-element enhanced recoil steadiness is now the hidden gem in recoil steadiness. The hidden stat that it doesn't tell you is that the logger Precision has the highest horizontal recall control count in the game with its 17 recoils. Reduction Two horizontal recoils, which are a left and right recoil, are the hardest to control, so we're going to slap those on so all you have to do is pull down on the right stick to control the recoil for the tuning on it.

ashika island best class

We're going to go up toward hit fire recoil control. Jessica, just to get more at your Seattle again, we're not really worried about the hit by recoil control, and we're going to go to the right towards the enhanced hit by accuracy with it by recoil control. We're going to put that 0.63 ounces we're hitting by accuracy.

We're going to put in 0.22 inches, so I'm going to board with our third attachment for the RPK setup. We're going to rock ammunition; we're going to rock it to 762 high-velocity rounds to get that extra 300 meters per second on the bull velocity. For the tuning on it, we're going to go down towards recoil smoothness and over to the left towards recoil steadiness, so for recoil smoothness we're going to go to the negative 0.30 grams, and for Eco steadiness we're going to go to the negative 4.58 grains.

best mw2 rpk class

Jumping on board with our fourth attachment for the RPK setup, we're going to go: we're going to walk a rear grip just because we need more recoil control for the rear grip; we're going to rock the demo X2 grip for the enhanced recoil control for the tuning on it; we're going to go up towards recoil steadiness over to the right towards enhanced ami-auto stability for the recoil steadiness tab.

We're going to leave that at 0.58 ounces for the amount of stability we're going to go over, and we're going to put that at about 0.18 inches so we still have that good handling if you go any farther, like I just did on my keyboard. If you go any farther, you are going to lose the handling, so it's absolutely crucial that you stay at 0.18 inches.

It feels incredibly good for me. You guys don't have to use it if you don't want to aim with OPV4. It's still very good if you guys want to rock that if you want to rock the Corona Mini Pro. That being said, the article is rocking the DF105, reflex sight, with it tuned for Max email site speed and far eye position.

best rpk

A lot of my guns I rock on cue, but for far opposition, it gets rid of all visual recoil. For those of you that struggle with recoil control, try the far opposition with max aim down sight speed. If you don't like this optic I was using in the article, go ahead and try to slap on the maximum op put, the Maximum Sight for opposition.

There you have it, the broken RPK. Warzone too; I hope you guys enjoy the class episode on the next

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