News - The 9 New Secret Changes No One Expected. Warzone 2 Season 2 Reloaded Overhaul


This is DK Dynamite, and today we're going to be talking about the hidden changes in season 2. We reloaded some new features you didn't know about, plus even more.

Dome added into mw3 multiplayer

Dome added into mw3 multiplayer

Twitter Now, with that being said, I do want to mention that, as you're seeing in the background, Dome has been added to MW3 multiplayer. I know it was known as Zia Observatory in MW2, 2022, but that map has been brought back via carry forward, and although there isn't a MW2 carry forward playlist, the map itself is in regular rotation for most modes.

I believe I did find it while playing some Bounty, so enjoy some quick footage here in the background. I do believe they're going to also keep most of the carry-forward maps in regular rotation now, but I'm sure they'll cycle maps out here and there just to keep things fresh.

They changed this blueprint.?

But they've also updated a random blueprint from the season 2 battle pass, the incision retti blueprint, that's now been updated to look dark purple instead of what it was before, and yeah, there were some inappropriate jokes on Twitter about what the gun looked like before, so I'm assuming Activision saw that, and we're like, we need to make sure the weapon doesn't look or sound inappropriate, so what they went and did was update it completely. It looks like a brand new blueprint altogether, so for those out there wondering why one of their blueprints on a retti does look like it's brand new, it's because it is, and you guys might have already had it unlocked if you had finished your battle pass sector.

You can finally filter attachments!

You can finally filter attachments!

But they've also gone ahead and added the ability to filter attachments by subcategories.

This is a massive feature that we've been talking about for the last few months. I mean, I would hope all platforms get a feature like this, but what I had suggested is at least the ability to search for the attachment you're looking for. If you know what the best loadout is for a certain meta and you just want to go ahead and search for a certain optic or a certain grip, you should be able to do that considering there's so many damn options for every single attachment.

I mean, it's just unbelievable, and I'm not against carrying forward, but we just need a way to filter things out, and now we have that, so you can filter attachments by Optics muzzles and under barrels. It's really damn useful, and although you can't search specifically for one attachment, being able to filter things out does help quite a bit.

New way to obtain camos in mw3

Now I do want to circle back to the battle pass because what they've gone ahead and done is introduced us to a universal camel unlock via the classified sector. This is the first time they've done that, and I'm actually really happy about it since we've been looking at new ways to unlock camels with modern warfare.

Three obviously have your promo items here and there, where yeah, you buy something in real life, you get a code, you redeem that, and you get an in-game reward, and that's been a camo before we've also had the camos released via in-game challenge events. We've even seen them added in through free bundles through bundles you pay for, and now a new way they're introducing us to camos aside from what we got before with weekly challenges because we have gotten a camo for finishing eight weeks worth, we ended up getting a camo through the classified sector.

Bonus classified sector camo unlock

Bonus classified sector camo unlock

And I'm glad they've done this because it just gives more value to the classified sector. Altogether, if you throw on an aftermarket part, an XP token, a camo, and then the hvt is the new DLC weapon of the season, that's a great way to just encourage people to complete those classified challenges.

So, what do you know? We have a grave robber. Now before we continue. I just wanted to remind you about Mitch {618}, where you can get assistants grinding camos nukes or schematics in W3. These guys do not use unlock tools or any banable methods and will actually help you play the game. Mitch Cactus is also supported by Trustpilot, with over 10,000 Bari reviews.

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The overhaul we've all been waiting for

Now, amongst one of the biggest changes we got with Reloaded, I couldn't be more excited about this. This is something that we've been talking about for quite some time now, and that is the ability to track your challenges.

When you pause the game while you're in a match, whether it's multiplayer war zone zombies and you pause your game you should be able to see some progress on some challenges you're working on, whether it's camel challenges. Weekly, whatever the case is, there should be a way to track it. I mean, it is 2024.

And it stinks that, especially when you're in multiplayer, there could be times when you have multiple classes ready to go, you're grinding cam for all those weapons, and you could almost get them all done in one game if you're in a long enough match, but you might forget what the challenges are that you need to do, and if you don't have them written down next to you or have a article pulled up, then you get to back out of the game, check it out, and then hop right back in for MP.

That's not that big of a deal, but for zombies, yeah, you get to back out and then go back in and set up again. That could be frustrating, but what they've done now is added the ability to select Add to Track.

You can now counter riot shields!

You can now counter riot shields!


In your cam menu when you're looking at some of those challenges or even in the weekly challenges so you can just add to track and you can then pause your game when you're in a match and you can see up to five challenges that you're working on so this is absolutely beautiful, this is amongst one of the best quality of life updates we've ever gotten but if that didn't surprise you hear this out so with the release of reloaded we obviously got the new Soul render melee weapon and something that a lot of us noticed was the ability to actually hit through somebody's riot shield you're able to counter a riot shield by just using the soulrender, against someone using one and what that would do is the animation would counter the riot Shield's ability to protect that other player so right off the gate we're like wait a second that has to be a bug because never have we seen in another Call of Duty title the ability to punch through or slice through somebody's Shield using a melee so detonated put out a tweet about it in which Sledgehammer replied saying it's actually not a bug and it's intentional.

For the run to be able to counter a riot shield, just like you can do with the Jack limb ripper and the Jack purifier. I actually had no idea that you were able to do that with all three of these weapons. You can stun them, try to flank behind them, and have your teammates gang up on them, but other than that, there is no way to really defeat somebody with the shield.

The 9 NEW SECRET CHANGES No One Expected MW3 Season 2 Reloaded Overhaul.
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