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best p890 class

It has been multiple seasons since I last covered this pistol in this game; it was my most used before. When the F-tax Siege came out, people thought it was crazy, but it's a damaged monster with a very good damage range, low recoil, and a very good choice of secondary Let's get into my attachments.

We're going to start this build here with a laser server of the X10 sidearm L400, giving you hipfire accuracy and hip recoil control. Honestly, there were zero cons to running it. You can tune it for other things, but having the ability to have a little bit of extra hipfire accuracy is a positive with a weapon like this one.

It's always good to get a hip-fire shot off while you're using a pistol at close range. Your tuning is going to be negative 0.39 towards sprint-to-fire speed and negative 23.03 towards hip-to-fire accuracy for the barrel. You're going to know what the mat is at Cottonmouth. This is the most important attachment in the build.

As you're gaining recoil control damage range bullet velocity and hip fire accuracy, that's going to get you consistently a 2 or 3 shot kill, along with making it very easy to hit your shots with that recoil control tuning, which is going to be plus 0.23 towards recoil steadiness and negative 0.26 towards your aimed out sight speed for the muzzle, or.

best p890 class mw2

I'm sorry, the trigger action. You're going to want The Bruin Express is increasing your fire rate; you can see that large increase there. The tuning we got was negative 0.11 towards down sight speed and negative 0.05 towards your sprint to fire speed for the magazine. You want the 12-round mag, which is the largest ammo count you can have, unfortunately, but I feel like with a larger mag, this thing may be overpowered.

And the last attachment is going to be the Bruin RS h80 grip for Sprint to fire speed, aim down sight speed, and of course that pistol fast drop because this is a secondary weapon. This allows you to get your pistol out very quickly while using a primary weapon. The tuning here is going to be plus 0.39 towards recoil steadiness and negative 0.22 towards sprint-to-fire speed.

I mean, it's a piston at the end of the day, and I don't know what, but you really want me to say this is my best setup for it, and like I said, this was my most used pistol before the F-Tail Siege 2. Shot reliably at close range in a three-pattern pattern, pretty reliably at medium range as well, and with very low recoil.

I definitely recommend If you're trying to level up your pistols or get your camos, this is the setup you should be using. Let's jump into today's gameplay.

Nuke gameplay

Nuke gameplay

Now listen the Aftec Siege I'm not going to say I'm surprised I got a nuke with it, but the P890 is not what I expected. I just want to win the game with this one. This is a very good close-range pistol with very high damage and a two-shot kill, but again. I do not expect a Duke with this one because, when it comes to it when it comes like SMGs and stuff, that's a lot to ask to compete against.

The only good thing is that it has insane sprint-to-fire speed. I'm trying; I want to get aggressive; my team's kind of stomping, though, and they're only spawning at that C flag there. There's only one way this is going to work. I'm going to have to go for a flank this way; my luck is they're going to spawn on me.

best p890 class setup

the 2 SHOT P890 Pistol in Modern Warfare 2! Best P890 Class Setup -MW2 Season 5. Timecodes.
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