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Vel 46 class setup

Vel 46 class setup

Okay, guys, so in today's article, we're going to be covering the buffed Val 46, here in Modern Warfare 2. So what they did was increase the close-range damage, which means it makes it even better at what it's most effective at: a fast-firing SMG that is definitely most effective at close range. It has quite a significant damage range drop off but very low recoil at the same time, so taking those farther fights isn't really a big deal overall.

I think this thing is very well balanced now, and it can definitely find a place in the meta. I've seen some pros actually start to use this thing over the vasna if they're doing some testing and whatnot, so don't be surprised if you start seeing some pros pull out the valve 46 in some Pro matches.

Let's get into the attachments. The foreign schlocker soldier grips for sprint to fire speed and aims down sight speed to help the overall aggression of the build that's going to be tuned plus 0.74 towards your recoil steadiness and negative 0.26 towards your sprint to fire speed for the rear grip.

I have the demo right now, which gives you crouch movement speed, sprint speed, and aim down sight speed. That's the same reason for the rear grip; we want to increase our aggressiveness with the weapon. No stalker or collapse stock really chocks or has recoil control worth it, but this is the next best thing.

So tuning is going to be negative 1.81 toward your name down sight and negative 1.78 towards the aim walking speed for a laser sight. I have the VLK laser, 7 milliwatts, with low aim speed, high aim stability, and sprint to fire speed. I have the Tango 228 that's going to be to increase your damage range and bullet velocity just because it thrives at close range doesn't mean you don't want some extra damage rage added on there and you can see in the green bar does, actually improve it quite a bit tuning, there is going to be a negative 0.05 towards your aim walking speed or.

I'm sorry plus. Let's get into the gameplay.

Best Vel 46 Class Modern Warfare 2 Best Vel 46 Class Setup Modern Warfare 2. new BUFFED VEL-46 is Build OVERPOWERED in MW2! Best Vel 46 Class Setup -Modern Warfare 2. Timecodes.
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